Happiness is…. a Neom Organic Treatment Candle

This title reminds me of those little Charlie Brown cartoons - Happiness is… a warm blanket (as readers of a certain age may recall!). I guess in some ways candles are a bit like a warm blanket - they add a certain warm, fuzzy softness to a room in a way that an electric light can never do. And if they smell good, even better!

I make no secret of my love of Neom candles and body products on this blog, so am sure you can guess how I felt when I heard about ‘Happiness’, the company’s newest candle which launched this month.


Here’s how it arrived - could the presentation be any more elegant?!  I just love how the front of the box flips down when you remove the lid, to reveal the candle and the words: ‘To find the person who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons… that is the ultimate happiness.’

What excited me the most about this candle is that Neom has found a unique way of releasing scent from actual blades of grass. Admittedly I do have geek tendencies but I find this insanely thrilling!

‘The result is a characteristic fresh, green, grassy note, which when combined with essential oils of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon creates an amazingly evocative, crisp spring garden scent.’

IMG_0304 IMG_0302IMG_0309 IMG_0317

‘Happiness’ quickly fills the room with fragrance, almost instantly in fact. It’s nearly worth leaving the room just to come back in again and smell its gorgeousness. If I close my eyes the scent conjures up summer meadows with freshly cut grass and wild flowers. The lemon element is quite distinct and gives a gorgeous freshness, but no hint of sharpness.

As the name suggests this is a feel good candle - and for me, a daytime or Spring/Summer evening fragrance.  I don’t save candles for darkness as nothing compares to the way they scent a room at any time of day and since I work from home, I love being surrounded by a little boost of ‘Happiness’.

The beauty of Neom candles is that they don’t just smell good; they also make you feel good… Happiness is 100% natural and the high concentration of essential oils provides an aroma-therapeutic treatment, boosting your mood and putting a spring in your step.

Invigorating lemon blends beautifully with the healing, balancing Neroli and tension-relieving Mimosa.

‘This lively blend of happy notes will make you smile, take the weight off your shoulders and sprinkle a little joy into your world.’


Doesn’t it look pretty when lit?  My husband tells me he was named after Marcus Aurelius. (I’m not sure if he was making it up… he does that sometimes.)


The three wick candle weighs 1kilo and burns for up to 55 hours. As you can see it burns very evenly, the wax solidifying again when distinguished. All Neom candles are also available in a travel size weighing 0.25kilo, burning up to 20 hours, so a very economical way of trying out the fragrance.

IMG_0319 All part of the charm…

Happiness candles are available at Neom Organics and cost £37.50 for the large 3 wick candle or £13 for the travel size.

Do you fancy spreading a little Happiness with one of these?

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