Neom Luxury Organic Treatment Candles ~ Restore



Neom candles are a relatively new discovery for me, which I decided to explore after hearing others rave about them.  The company creates a variety of beauty and home treatments, which have become beauty editor favourites. 

Their biggest selling point for me was that they won’t just make my home smell good - important as this is to me - but they are actual treatments: they will also make me feel good!  The various candles are made with only a blend of vegetable wax and pure essential oils, designed to relax, revive or pamper.  I opted for restore, which speaks volumes about how I was feeling that day!

Restore contains jasmine, ginger and sandalwood – a winning combination for me. It smells truly gorgeous, a warm, soothing fragrance. Not sleep-inducing soothing, just feel-good soothing.  It has gentle spice and woodiness (perfect for this time of year!) and fills the room with fragrance very quickly, but is not intrusive.  I try and force myself to blow it out after about half an hour and just light an ordinary candle so that it will last a bit longer!


This is how it arrived, peeping out of the box at me…

‘Restore is the perfect feel-good fragrance, gently soothing away stress and fatigue.  Also perfect for mental fatigue and nausea.’


The gold-embossed glossy white presentation box is really pretty and would make a lovely gift.


Mine is the travel size - I’ve cropped this ^ pic as close as I can to the actual size, to try and give you an idea of how big it is, though the most important thing is how long it burns for: up to 20 hours! 

I’ve just realised that the outer circle of the Neom Promise is the exact circumference of the base!

‘Our dream was to create products that were as organic as they were effective, as gorgeous and pampering as they smelt divine and perhaps most importantly, as effective as their synthetic counterparts.’

Neom Travel Candles cost £13, which I think is fairly reasonable as a gift for yourself or someone else. The standard size is £37.50 for a 3 wick candle that burns up to 55 hrs.

The full Neom Home fragrance range is available here. I’d like to try the Inspiration candle next! Have you tried these – and if so, which would you recommend?

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