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This time last week I was wearing a t-shirt and flip flops. Today I’m in a big snuggly cardi, scarf and sheepskin slippers. The central heating is on; the wind has an icy edge and my skin doesn’t like it.

In the past I’ve been timid about using oils on my skin, but the more I learn about the benefits, the more I want to explore.  Oils can be used on any skin type – dry, normal, combination and even oily (yes really).  I’m lucky to have reasonably normal skin, but in cold weather it is prone to dry patches and the skin on my body, especially my legs, can get very dry.  The oil formulas available are so sophisticated they sink in immediately – and while they may leave a lovely sheen, they really don’t leave you looking like an oil slick. Skin accepts oil very readily and at this time of year I find mine drinks it up. 

Here are a few of the oils that my skin has been loving lately…

All for Eve Age Delay Facial Oil, by Alpha-H


This 50ml Special Edition was created by Alpha-H in support of ‘The Eve Appeal’ Gynaecology Cancer Research Fund.

‘A luxurious 100% botanical essential blend which soothes, calms and rehydrates dry, sensitive and delicate skin. Contains nine of nature’s finest oils; rich in essential fatty acids and skin preserving vitamins, including aromatic Frankincense, Patchouli and Rosehip to help soften, comfort and revitalise fragile and ageing skin.’


I always imagine that Nigella would describe this as golden nectar! It’s very bright in colour and has a pleasant herbal-floral fragrance.  It can be used neat in small amounts for small patches of very dry skin, but the recommended use is to blend 2 to 3 drops into your preferred day or night cream to boost moisture levels.  It can also be mixed into cleansers and masks, added to body lotions and creams or blended with a carrier oil for face and body massage.

Honestly girls (and boys!) this stuff feels like little drops of golden heaven on my skin. I have added it to moisturiser, serum and body lotion – and it transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary!  Now it does look a bit odd when mixed in… like egg yolk! But it feels so amazing on the skin that this isn’t off-putting at all.

‘Contains no synthetics, no silicones, no parabens, no artificial fragrances, preservatives or colours’


This is the rather amazing ingredients list.  I have to be honest… in the past I have paid little attention to ingredients lists, but am becoming more and more aware of them – and while I’m a sucker for anti-ageing wonders, I do prefer to go as natural as possible these days.

I don’t use this oil every day, just when my skin feels it needs a little extra oomphf – and when I use it I really do feel like I’m nourishing my skin. It leaves no oily residue at all and doesn’t make my skin oily.

All for Eve Alpha-H Age Delay Facial Oil is available at at £44 for 50ml. This includes an exclusive offer of Alpha-H Ultra Protector SPF 30+ Daily Moisturiser worth £30.00 for free! (I’ve heard this moisturiser is amazing, so to get both for £44 is a brilliant offer.)


Kneipp NatuRenew Organic Body Oil


Kneipp was a new discovery for me, despite being an age-old, truly organic brand made with certified organic ingredients.

‘An organic intense body oil to help improve skin’s appearance and elasticity. It’s multifunctional purpose improves everyday skin conditions, such as scars, stretch marks, mature ageing skin and dry patches.  Emollient, natural oils richly moisturise and firm the skin.’


While the ingredients list is quite citrus based, this oil has a distinct herbal smell to me. It’s not unpleasant, but I wouldn’t want to smell of it all day, so I use this at night. 


I mainly use Kneipp on my lower legs as I find this is where my skin becomes the most dry – and it really does feel nourishing. Ordinary body lotion or fragranced oil will still moisturise my skin, but this feels very nutritious and almost healing. It leaves more of a sheen on the skin than the All for Eve oil, but I don’t mind that on my body – I just wouldn’t want it on my face.

The best price I found for Kneipp was £8.06 for 100ml at Essentials London. Also available at Victoria Health


I’ve wanted to try the Bettyhula range for some time, so was delighted to receive a little sample of ‘The Secret’ Anti ageing oil to try.  This oil can be used on the face, body or in the bath.  I particularly love it on my face or in the bath – it feels like such a treat to use!


Completely transparent, it smells absolutely divine and I sometimes just apply a little to the backs of my hands just so that I can sniff at it!  The scent is quite sweet, but not sickly so – rose stands out the most for me.  The ingredients are Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kemel, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Absolute, Jojoba Oil.

‘Our unique production process takes natures finest ingredients … all fairly traded and taken from renewable sources. All are carefully chosen in line with their benefits for your skin and wellbeing… to help repair damaged and tired cells, combat dryness and reduce wrinkles to reveal your most radiant, youthful self.’

A range of Bettyhula products are now available at Sainsbury’s and Secret Oil has been nominated for a Sainsbury's Beauty Award in the 'Best Premium Bathing Product' Category – if you’ve tried it and are already a fan, please click Here to add your vote!

Bettyhula Anti Ageing Secret Oil costs £15.99 at

The only product I have yet to find is the perfect oil for my hair – I know they’re becoming very popular, so any recommendations are very welcome!

Do you like skin oils and have you tried any of these products? Please leave a comment below – I love to hear your thoughts. X


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