Things that make me go OOhhhh!


We all have days when we flag a little… Monday mornings, morning afters, dark winter days when we long for a little spring in our step.  I thought I’d share some of the things that help make my world feel like a brighter place on days like this, in the hope that they might inspire you when you’re in need of a little boost!


I have to say in recent months I’ve developed a new appreciation of the sense of smell and how it affects my overall wellbeing, whether through essential oils, perfume or just the gorgeous scent of a fragranced candle. Most of the products I’ve chosen reflect this in some way.

Neom Organic Body Lotion - Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil. Heaven in a bottle; a very elegant bottle at that. This body lotion is luxurious, soaks into the skin immediately and is super moisturising. It contains actual extract of Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil, both of which invigorate the senses and immediately make me feel awake, plus the scent is so gorgeous that using it just makes me feel happy.  £23.50 for 240ml

Avene Eau Thermale - This little spray can of thermal spring water is absolutely beautiful to use on the face and upper body when you feel a bit dehydrated or just want an extra spritz of moisture. It’s a very fine mist, so it’s really soft and doesn’t actually make your skin feel ‘wet’ per se.  I love to use it under my moisturiser and it’s really soothing when you’ve just stepped out of a hot shower.  £3.15 for 50ml at Boots (I got mine in duty free)

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - a non drying alcohol free toner containing organic aloe vera to revitalise and soften - and calendula, chamomile, cucumber and vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin. I just pour this into my palm and splash it over my face and décolleté. It smells so fresh and clean and adds another layer of gentle, soothing moisture to the skin while simultaneously pepping it up. £12.25 for 200ml at John Lewis

Abahna Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot eau de parfum - made using essential oils this is described as an “uplifting scent with a warm, comforting aroma to bring the emotions back into balance.” I was sent this recently and adore the gorgeous presentation and pretty travel sized bottle with its little tassle. The fragrance surprised me as I expected more mandarin, whereas the bergamot is more dominant and it’s quite distinctly herbal and ‘zingy’ - and oh so uplifting to wear. I’ve been spritzing myself with it several times a day!  Abahna £15 for 10ml

Make me go Ohh1

Basicos V8.2 tea by Sepai Skincare - an antioxidant, detoxifying and energizing tea made with berry juice, green tea extract, grape seed extract, hibiscus and vitamin C. I was sent this to try by the revolutionary Sepai Skincare and was initially hesitant as I didn’t think an antioxidant health drink could taste pleasant, but it’s actually really lovely to drink… it’s deep red in colour and tastes and smells like berries. Just one cup makes me feel exhilarated, not in a buzzy, hyper way like coffee, but it definitely gives me a boost and makes me feel more clear headed - I love it!  This stuff does not come cheap, but remember it is not just a drink but a health and beauty supplement that works from the inside out. It works out at around £1.50 per cup… you might like to sit down before you click for the full price ;) Sepai UK 

Transformulas Diamond Lift Brightening Complex - I’ve blogged about this before {here if you’d like more detail}and currently love using a little of this mixed into my moisturiser for an added glow. I’ve swatched it on my arm above, blended to the right of the blob. Mixed with moisturiser it gives a lovely sheen to the skin without making my face look shiny or shimmery… it’s like a little secret glow from within! Launches next month at £41.25 for 15ml

So my face is glowing… I need just one more thing - a nice bright lipstick. It’s amazing how a bright lipstick can energise you if you’re feeling a bit dull… even if it’s the only makeup item you wear. I’ve been a nude lip girl for quite a while, but have loved breaking out the brights recently and will be sharing some of that love in a separate post very soon! The swatch above is a recent purchase of Kate Moss for Rimmel in shade #02.  It’s a well pigmented cool toned fuchsia that does take some energy to wear, but it definitely gives me some back! Breaking out of the comfort zone is good for the soul. Currently £1 off at Boots for £4.49 (though I got mine in local chemist for £3.49!)

Last but not least my gorgeous bunch of daffodils, which cost the grand total of £1 from good old Marks & Spencer… I just love these and am thinking of buying several bunches to dot around the house - they make me smile so much!

I could go on and talk about clothes, scented candles, food, exercise and other treatments that can help inject some oomph into our days, but I’d better stop before you use up your energy quota just reading this post.  I hope it’s given you some ideas… the next time you feel you’re flagging, don’t give in - try one of the above or your own alternative - it really can make a difference!

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