Underwear for the Face


I'm a big believer in what lies beneath when it comes to makeup. I've touched on primers and dewy glow givers before, but today I want to mix things up a bit. While I often go straight from moisturiser to foundation, there are days when my face needs a little something extra to bolster it.

This line-up includes gems that help even out my skin tone, add a little colour, smooth things over and add radiance.

Kinda like spanx for makeup. Underwear for the face. A base for my base...


RADIANCE: Pixi Glowtion Day Dew is an illuminating lightweight moisturiser. I might use this on its own in a rush, but usually add it to moisturiser or apply over a hydrating serum. It has a pearly pink gleam which adds radiance through foundation... I sometimes pat a little extra as a final step for a pretty cheekbone highlight.

EVEN SKIN TONE: Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer does a lot more than your average primer. It's slightly tinted to instantly even skin tone, has a subtle glow (much more subtle than Pixi, but it's there), moisturises and protects with SPF30. Oh and it helps foundation stay put for longer. I use shade 02, which is just enough to make my skin look slightly perfected, like a light tinted moisturiser with built in glow.

COLOUR: This Works Energy Bank Sun Flash contains vitamins, hyaluronic acid and natural caramel for a moisture boosting golden glow. I use this under foundation to match my face to a self tanned body or mix a drop to deepen a pale Winter shade. I've also applied it on cheekbones as a cream bronzer, with fingers or a brush. It looks quite deep in the swatch but is very natural looking when blended on the skin... you could even use it to make your own tinted moisturiser.

SMOOTH: Hylamide HA Blur simultaneously hydrates and blurs the appearance of skin using hyaluronic acid powders rather than the traditional silicones, making it suitable for all skin types and compatible with all makeup. I'd describe the texture as a cross between a primer and balm, which evens the skin's surface, blurring the appearance of pores and fine lines. It can be applied under/over or mixed with foundation (I go for under). This genuinely does make my skin look smoother and foundation looks extra WOW on top. It's the latest release from The Abnormal Beauty Company aka Deciem, who you've heard me rave about before; the science behind their products is second to none. 

I know it's odd to show swatches of non makeup products, but I felt it was the only way I could illustrate the texture and how they look on the skin. Not easy to capture but hopefully gives you some idea of what to expect if you're thinking of trying one of these.

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