Aveeno #InsideAndOat - An Update


Today I'm reporting back on my #InsideandOat challenge after a week of using Aveeno skincare and following a healthy eating and lifestyle plan. I like to think I'm fairly healthy most of the time, but it's been good to have access to expert advice and take a more holistic approach.


Natasha Corrett, alkaline chef and Honestly Healthy founder, provided recipes for this challenge, which I incorporated into my diet. My top picks were Beetroot, Fennel & Goats Cheese Salad, Wild Rocket Pesto Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad and Chickpea Oat Burgers. I've really enjoyed fuelling my body with such healthy and delicious food... I did have a few treats too (I'm only human!) but it's all about balance. Eating well most of the time definitely shows both on my skin and in my energy levels.


I've reintroduced exercise with a mix of cardio, yoga and walking after a year off due to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you're new to exercising, I found some great YouTube videos with clear, easy to follow instructions, such as Yoga with Adriene's beginner's class  and FitnessBlender Cardio for beginners. I've enjoyed the feel good factor from this part of the challenge - the workouts have set me up for the day and boosted my metabolism.


Aveeno skincare is made with oats to gently cleanse and moisturise dry, sensitive and irritated skin. The moisturising products are fast absorbing, non greasy and hydrate for 24 hours.

I've been using the rich, creamy Aveeno Body Wash every day in the shower to cleanse without drying... this leaves my skin feeling comfortable and doesn't strip it at all. I follow this with Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil, which feels like an extra silky body moisturiser thanks to the Sweet Almond Oil content, which also smells great. It sinks in as quickly as lotion but provides the extra nourishment of an oil and leaves a lovely sheen on my skin. This has made a definite improvement to my post-Winter dry shins and ankles, just in time for the sunshine!

Daily Moisturising Lotion also comes in a pump bottle, which I love for quick and easy use. I keep this one in my bedroom as a spare (no excuse not to moisturise) and think normal or sensitive skins will enjoy this, though my dry limbs benefit most from the Moisturising Creamy Oil.

Aveeno Hand Cream has stayed on my desk so that I remember to reapply regularly. For me, this is key to actually using hand cream... storing it in a cupboard or drawer means it just doesn't get used! My hands and cuticles are very prone to dryness and I find this cream helps keep them soft and smooth. My daughter keeps a tube next to her bed and has been using it since long before I began this challenge - Aveeno is one of the few products she trusts not to sting.

A more disciplined and holistic approach to healthy eating and exercising has helped me feel good and had a positive effect on my energy and concentration levels. I'm a firm believer that a healthy diet helps boost healthy skin as much as skincare - and this challenge has been a reminder to pay as much attention to the skin on my body as I do my face - on a daily basis. My skin feels smoother with less dry patches (I also exfoliated) and it was great to feel well prepped for this week's eek I need to self tan moment on the first warm sunny day of the year!

As I said in last week's post, my family and I have been using Aveeno body products for 8 years and won't be stopping any time soon. Our regulars are the Bath & Shower Oil and Aveeno Cream (suitable from 3 months old), though the Moisturising Creamy Oil is a firm new favourite. I recommend them for any skin type, particularly if you're prone to dryness or sensitivity.

Find out more about the full range of Aveeno products at aveeno.co.uk (there are lots!) and follow them on Facebook here

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