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While there are no strict rules about which time of day you can use certain skincare, some products are best used at night. They may have an extra rich formula that takes time to sink in, or exfoliating actives best left to work overnight when our skin is makeup free. These are some of my current favourites, depending on what my skin needs on a given day... it's generally dry, dehydrated and quite sensitive.

I often use a face oil at night, especially when my skin feels extra dry, though recently I've been reaching for Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Overnight Mask. I haven't used a lot of Origins skincare but have been impressed with the few things I've tried. Made with Red Algae and Sweet Almond Extract to plump, lift and firm, this is one of those products that make me swoon when I apply it. It's as if my skin is thanking me for such a treat. The rich texture is beautiful and I'm convinced my face looks more rested next morning.

Elemental Herbology Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream contains plant actives to revitalise and repair skin. It's what I use when my face is looking particularly dull or blah (clinical term). Again, the texture of this is gorgeous and it feels like a proper pampering treatment rather than something I'm just slapping on. I'm trying to be very good about using products on my chest and neck as well as my face and to be honest with this one it's difficult to stop. I could probably use it daily but notice the benefits most when I restrict it to a few times a week (clearly I look blah regularly).

I have to be careful with exfoliating toners as my skin is quite sensitive and rosacea prone, so I was thrilled when the lovely Merumaya launched one specifically for sensitive skin. Natural AHAs in Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner gently remove dead cells to reveal smoother skin and less visible pores. It also hydrates and smells bloomin' beautiful. I just sweep it on with a cotton disc after cleansing and before applying other skincare products, only takes a few seconds. Again, I'm trying to remember to take this below my neck and do a quick swipe on the backs of hands.

These last two products are not designed for night time use, but I'll explain why I've included them...

OSKIA Renaissance Brightlight Intensive Pigmentation & Dark Spot Serum is a new complexion corrector packed with actives to treat hyper-pigmentation, repair sun damage and restore luminosity. I have a biggish sun spot that really bugs me just above my left cheekbone, which I'm praying will reduce with long term use (I'm a few weeks in but things like this take longer in my experience.) I tend to use this most at night in the hope that it will be most effective when my skin isn't exposed to sunlight (not that there's a lot of that at the moment anyway). Oskia's directions suggest both morning and evening use - I'm just being optimistic - and do add a little more some mornings. I noticed a brighter, more radiant look to my skin almost immediately after I started using this - you know that post-facial type glow? That. I'll keep you posted on the longterm results.

I've included an SPF in this line up as a morning after essential due to the actives contained in some of these products, particularly the Merumaya, Elemental Herbology and Oskia. AHAs leave fresh new skin particularly vulnerable to the effects of sunlight and there's zero point in treating sun damage unless we protect from further sun exposure. I'm religious about this and really enjoying the lightweight, quickly absorbed texture of Aveda Daily Light Guard SPF30 which sits perfectly under makeup. If your face is exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, I'd go for a higher SPF such as La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50.

And on that note, I've just spied 1/3 off La Roche Posay so am off to stock up on my favourites! 

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