Budget Buy: Neutrogena Deep Moisture Oil-in-Lotion

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Oil in Lotion

I know I tend to focus on spendy stuff a lot of the time because that's my jam when it comes to beauty products (not in any other area of my life, though a girl can dream!). This doesn't stop me loving a good ol' beauty bargain, especially the type that perform like a luxury find.

Right now I'm all over the new Deep Moisture Oil-in-Lotion for the body by Neutrogena. If you'd put this in different packaging and told me it cost £30+ I'd have totally believed you. I've used the Visibly Renew formula for a while and like it a lot, but this one feels so much more luxurious. The sesame oil content makes it feel silky and instantly hydrating - and yet it sinks in so quickly - I can literally apply and dress immediately.

Anything that makes applying body lotion both a pleasure and easy is a bonus in my eyes. Even better when it costs less than a fiver. I actually look forward to using this - it feels like such a treat and leaves my skin feeling softer. I have dry skin, so if you don't, this may not be for you, though it really doesn't feel heavy or overly rich.

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Oil-in-Lotion usually costs £4.99 but is currently on offer at £3.33 here. Rude not to.

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