Michael Kors Coral & Sexy Sunset

Michael Kors has launched two new limited edition fragrances for Spring, Coral Eau de Parfum and Sexy Sunset. Housed in striking coloured glass and gold bottles that complement the contents, they will look stunning on any dressing table. 

Coral is a fruity floral with lemon, pink grapefruit, tuberose and jasmine. Glamorous and vivacious, I imagine that this will be the most popular of the two. While I'd regard Coral as a daytime scent, I wouldn't restrict it to that. I tend to avoid heavy perfume if I'm eating out in the evening and think this is the kind of midweight that could work well day or night. 

Michael Kors Coral EDP is currently exclusive to Harrods and launches nationwide from 30 March 2016. 

My pick of the pair is Sexy Sunset, with top notes of nashi pear and freesia, and a heart of peony, rose bouton and jasmine, rounded off with soft woods. Personally I'd drop Sexy from the title; Sunset would suffice. (Ditto for my favourite Michael Kors, Sexy Amber.) 

There's something traditionally charming about this fragrance, which reminds me of leaning into a huge bouquet of roses, the stand out note for me. Warm, well rounded and overtly feminine, it's more floral than I'd normally go for, yet there's something irresistible about it. 

PS I'd describe it as extremely pretty rather than sexy. 

Michael Kors Sexy Sunset is available nationwide now in 30, 50 or 100ml. The best price I've found is here. 

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