Five Tried & Tested Hair Treatments

Tried & Tested: five great hair products, including one all-rounder and 4 solutions for very specific needs... 

Milk Shake Incredible Milk smells so good I'd probably use it even if it did nothing for my hair (but it does!). Made with organic muru muru, this coconut cocktail scented spray + leave in treatment offers 12 benefits, from repair and frizz control to UV and heat protection. Personally I appreciate the detangling and added shine the most. This is perfect for anyone who can't be bothered to faff about with multiple products (and that scent lingers all day). 

If your locks are in need of tlc and you hate the feel of the usual oil or silicone based products, check out Living Proof Restore Instant Repair. I run this through my ends when they're looking worse for wear and find it smoothing and softening. I got mine in a Birchbox and am curious to try more from this US brand, so please holler if you have any recs. 

Joico hair products are consistently good in my experience and Ironclad Thermal Protectant  Spray not only works; it's also very clever. It comes in a generously sized can (no scrimping on protetction) and offers light hold, but best of all, it dries instantly. For anyone who forgets about heat protection until the last minute and then sits around waiting for hair to air dry or whipping out the hairdryer, this is a game changer. Alcohol denat is top of the ingredient list, presumably the secret behind the flash dry formula. While this could cause dryness in the long term, for me the convenience outweighs the concern and I'm happy to add extra moisture with other products. 

Aveeno Skin Relief Soothing Shampoo is the least sexy yet most valued product in this line up. Aveeno moisturiser was the  one thing that rescued my little boy's skin from eczema symptoms, so I couldn't wait to try the new shampoo. Colloidal oatmeal is the key soothing ingredient and I'm over the moon to discover a product that has cleared my son's dry scalp for the first time since babyhood. He's now 8, so it's been a long search. This also leaves my hair feeling soft and has been a bit of a family hit! If your scalp is dry or sensitive, I think it's worth a go. 

Last but not least, Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo. This was a slow burner for me... I'm lazy with hair products and normally reach for a spritz-in dry shampoo, whereas this is a powder product. It was only recently that I discovered lightly squeezing the bottle releases a puff of said powder right where it's needed, like a traditional spray. (I've just checked the bottle instructions which state exactly this, oops!) This stuff is a godsend on days when I know I've pushed my not-washing-for-another-day luck a step too far. It absorbs excess oil like no other and adds volume that helps a make-do top knot look like I styled it on purpose. Result. 

What are your top hair heroes?
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