Valentines Day with a Difference

While I've never been a big Valentines celebrator, my kids love it, so I thought I'd share a few fun treats I've planned this year, in a slightly more personal post than usual. I think it's important to remind people how much we love them every day of the year, but what's the harm in doing something a little bit special for Valentines? It doesn't have to involve lots of money - no overpriced roses or champagne here - we're having a morning PJ party!

We'll start with croissants and a movie with duvets on the sofa, followed by a baking session... I may even wear my Party PJs under my apron! I've actually made banana bread twice in the past week  (the first only lasted 24 hours!) and am feeling inspired to bake some more, so this will be good practice - and of course it's always a hit with the kids. Tried & tested recipes welcome!

How cute is this 'Love You' photo frame? Though I'm mortified to admit how long it took me to find actual photographs to put in it... these ones are from when the kids were smaller - I need to get some up to date ones printed asap. Anyone else guilty of this?

We're also planning a big afternoon walk for some fresh sea air or may head up the mountains (if it's not too windy), then back home to demolish more of those cookies with hot chocolate (I'll make them a healthy tea, honest).

Thank you to Debenhams for the Valentines treats!

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day, romantic or not?

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