NEW: Sleek i-Divine Palettes - A New Day & All Night Long - Review & Swatches

It's been a while since I tried Sleek eyeshadow and I've been enjoying the two new iDivine palettes recently: A New Day and All Night Long. Priced at just £7.99 each, you get a lot for your money with these two. If you don't already own similar shades, these are a great starting point for experimenting with a mix of warm and cool toned neutrals. 


A New Day includes 5 mattes and a mix of shimmer shades. The mattes are good for contouring the eye for a no makeup look, or as transition shades before adding a deeper colour or shimmer on the lid. 


These are quite heavy swatches on clean skin with no primer. The colours look more intense over primer, which is how I wear them. 


Despite having only a couple of mattes, this is definitely my favourite of the two palettes. The shimmer shades are more pigmented, smooth and buttery than the mattes (as in many pricier palettes) and a bit more exciting to use! Although the tones are richer and warmer, I find them very wearable for either day or evening. 

Oh and that copper on the bottom right is just to die for. 


See what I mean? Some real beauts here. 

There is a bit of fallout with some of the colours in each palette, so a quick tap to remove any excess from the brush before applying will save tidying up after. I did find that a little sparkle migrated onto tops of cheeks throughout the day, but less so with an eye primer (I use this one). And to be fair the same thing happens with my Bobbi Brown shadows. Overall, I think the colours are beautiful, most have good payoff and blend well. Hand on heart, I think these give some more expensive palettes a run for their money. 

Sleek i-Divine A New Day and All Night Long palettes are available now priced £7.99 each

Do you think budget beauty is catching up with higher end products in terms of quality?

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