What influences our beauty choices?

Is it just me or do women seem to be a lot more clued up about beauty than they once were... even as little as ten years ago? I've been thinking about why this is and who or what influences our beauty style, awareness and choices. Whether we like it or not, I do think that bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram, magazines and celebrities all feed into this. While I've never consciously decided to mirror someone else's look and have zero interest in celebs, I don't doubt that elements filter through.

This influence isn't only about inspiration - as in 'I want that lipstick because it looks amazing on HER', but in how we actually use makeup, look after our skin, style hair et al. I count myself lucky to have grown up with a big sister who was happy to share her makeup tips... though still made plenty of mistakes along the way. But when I look at the skills and inspiration available to teenage girls now, it's a whole different world.

I could have saved so much embarrassment if I'd had access to 20 thousand videos on how to apply foundation or blend eye shadow - and why frosted Pink Shimmer lipstick and orange blusher is not a winning combo. I think people are generally better at applying makeup these days and - at least where I live - look more groomed and just... better. 

Beauty Bay has been researching regional beauty trends and stereotypes and compiled the results in a Beauty Map, where you can find out if beauty lovers in your area are more into defining their brows or remaining bronzed at all times. 
The Beauty Map

When I was in my 20s it definitely wasn't the norm for Saturday night prep to include a blow dry, pro mani and perfect feline flick (kinda glad I escaped that tbh). The possibility of being snapped and shared on social media at any given moment must multiply that pressure x a million.  

The things my daughter has ahead of her... *lies down.*

*collaboration with Beauty Bay
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