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OK so one of these kids is doin’ its own thing - but it kind of fits in, right? Two hair products, one hair tool and one ‘miracle cream’ - here are my thoughts…

Bamboo Wet Brush - I’ve raved about these a number of times before and this is the third member of my Wet Brush clan in addition to a metallic and neon version. My children run the opposite direction if I approach their curly locks with anything else, but this bamboo beauty is strictly mine! Part of the Wet Brush Earth Collection, it’s made with an eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo handle. Despite the name, these can be used on dry hair and are the best detangling brushes I’ve tried. Unlike other handle-less versions, they don’t fly across the room during use - bonus. stocks a huge range of Wet Brushes in every colour and design you could imagine, inc kiddy versions.

Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner - looks like a conditioner, behaves like a mask. I don’t recall any hair product softening my hair to this extent after just one use. I kept stroking it thinking ‘is this really mine - and who has stolen my fuzzy lioness mane?’ It’s a new release which protects and repairs extremely dry, damaged hair with a formula combining 3 butters and 4 oils. It smells divine - and the best bit? You only have to leave it on for two minutes! It didn’t leave my hair lank or oily, which I’m also prone to at the roots, though you could restrict it to mid lengths if you’re worried about that.

Argan 5+ oil Miracle Shine Spray - this little beauty lives in my hallway and is a regular last step of my hair routine. Argan5+ is a really impressive budget range and while my favourite is Ultra Rich Body Butter, I’ve been impressed by the hair products too, of which this spray is my top pick. It mists the hair lightly with a blend of beautifully scented oils, helping to calm frizz and add a little definition and shine.

Embryolisse Gold Edition - Created by a dermatologist 65 years ago, this French moisturiser has achieved cult status among make-up artists - and has finally hit the High St at Boots. While it’s not one I reach for every day, it does give a lovely base for make-up and can be used as a primer for foundation. It has a slightly waxy feel, which leaves a smooth, seamless finish on skin. The limited edition gold is twice the size of the original (and less than twice the price) and the formula is exactly the same - it’s just prettier!

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Have you tried any of these products?

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