The Wet Brush: tangle-free hair!

Neon-Pink-Wet-Brush-UK The-Wet-Brush-detangling-review The-Wet-Brush-UK

I’ve mentioned the Wet Brush on here before, but it’s been such a life (hair) changer, I felt it was due an ode of its own. I have a lot of hair with exceptional self-tangling abilities, not a whisper of wind nor sleepless night required. I’ve been faithful to Tangle Teezers since my children’s (curly) hair was long enough to need brushing - and still think they’re good, but in my view the Wet Brush is better. And it now comes in neon pink. Need I say more?

Ok I’ll try…

1. It has a handle. If you’ve used a Tangle Teezer on proper tangley hair, you’ll have watched it whizz across the room as it slides out of your hand a thousand times. The Wet Brush has an ergonomically designed, non slip handle, so I don’t drop it and feel like I have more control when using it.

2. Despite the name, the Wet Brush is suitable for use on both wet and dry hair. Unlike most brushes, it’s safe to use on wet hair without causing breakage or stretching the hair, but 90% of the time I use it on dry hair.

3. It glides straight through my hair - and that of my children - with complete ease. This is a big deal, especially for my daughter who has fluffy, tangle-prone ringlets. She prefers this to the Tangle Teezer and races around looking for it regularly (it’s also light weight, so easy for little hands to use).

4. It’s neon pink so I can find it easily, which comes in useful around 6 times a day. As per reason no.3.

Sadly it’s not yet widely available in the UK, but I’m hoping it will be very soon. And that the many other versions of this brush also reach our shores from the US (where, incidentally, it’s the best selling hair brush).

You can buy the Wet Brush at Sally’s or Cult Beauty - £11.99 here

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