Think Pink: Valentines Treats…


When I think of Valentines Day, a few (mostly cringey) memories spring to mind… the time my 15 year old self, desperate-for-a-boyfriend, received three cards in one year and was almost frantic at not knowing who they came from. Fast forward a few years when a not-really-my-type boyfriend took me to a classy joint where people wandered around selling 99p roses in a plastic tubes *cringe*. There was the Year of Tears in my tiny uni bedroom when I was dumped on Valentines Day - I mean come on - could he not have waited ONE more day?! And finally, the first time leaving home child-free when my first born was one month old, all of a fluster… we went for sushi at Zen (a favourite), where I probably spent more time checking my phone than I did the menu.

But I digress… I may not be big into Valentines, but I’m all up for reminding someone close that we love them - whether that’s your best friend, your mum or your other half. And then of course there’s treating No1, also important in my book. So let’s think pink for a moment…


Fleurs de Cerisier (or Cherry Blossom) L’Eau is L’Occitane’s latest fragrance launch, a limited edition collection launched just in time for Valentines Day. A fresh, fruity floral, it contains extracts of Provence Cherry Blossom and notes of lemon, blackcurrant, watermelon, violet and rose on a musky base - you don’t get much more feminine than that. I’m most taken with Fragrance Touch, a little tube of fragranced gel that can be dabbed on to pulse points - perfect for touch ups throughout the day, and easy to carry in a handbag or when travelling! While this particular scent is a little sweeter than I’d normally go for, I love the Fragrance Touch concept and hope L’Occitane carry it through to some of their other scents. (And simultaneously praying that they launch a perfume in their heavenly Almond fragrance!)


Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polish launches tomorrow (Wed) at Superdrug in a range of 9 pretty pastel Spring shades. Above are Lap of Honour, a dusky lilac and Kiss Me Quick, baby pink with enough pigment to look pink (rather than whited out) on the nail. The new Quick Dry formula does what it says on the bottle, though I need 3 coats for opacity, typical of any pastel polish. I’m loving the chequered lids… more on the other colours soon!


I’ve become a little bit addicted to Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner and can be found spritzing it on my face throughout the day. By this stage of Winter I’m really over the cold weather… my skin has had enough of central heating and icy winds and is fed up feeling parched. This soothing mist hydrates and calms my face with floral waters of Damask Rose, Orange Blossom and Camomile. And as you can imagine, smells absolutely beautiful.


You can read my full ode to Bobbi Brown’s new Brightening Bricks here. The Pastel Pink shade remains my favourite and I’m enjoying it even more now that the overspray has worn off. It adds just enough pink for a whisper of a rosy flush, but what I love most is the slightly soft focus, subtle glow that it gives my skin, injecting a little life into winter-weary cheeks.  


Rounding off with this gentle rosy scented beauty, Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash. Balance Me is a beautiful skincare range for the face and body that’s worth getting to know better if you haven’t tried it yet. 99% natural, it’s paraben and sulphate free, skin-softening and one of the few brands that don’t irritate the dry skin on my body, which I have to treat with the ultimate tlc. Anyone else suffer from the same at this time of year? I’m thinking of doing a separate post on how I deal with it. 

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