Renunail Strengthening Nail Polish + 3D Top Coat

Renunail-colour-nail-polish-Pomegranate-swatch DrLewinns-Renunail-colour-nail-polish-Pomegranate-red-swatches DrLewinns-Renunail-colour-polish 3D-Top-coat

The Strengthener: Dr Lewinn’s Renunail is probably my most raved about beauty product ever. It’s a nail strengthener that takes poorly nails from 0-60 in 1-2 weeks (full review here). For a long time I used it as a base coat, which works ok, but it’s a bit shiny for polish to adhere to. The answer: a colour formula with strengthening powers. This has been out for a while now and the colour range is quite small, but the formula and results have impressed me so far.

The Colour: I have the shade Pomegranate - I shared a pic on first use after chopping back my brittle nails two weeks ago here. Two weeks (& 3 applications) later, my nails are definitely longer and more importantly, stronger. This may have happened regardless, but the improvement has definitely been faster and more dramatic than I would normally experience. My nails feel harder, though not rock hard like they do with the original Renunail, but that’s ok - and obviously the full shebang of ingredients can’t be added to the colour without affecting its formula. I like the Pomegranate red a lot - fingers crossed that more shades will be released soon. Application is super smooth and although the brush is quite narrow, it fans out really nicely and is quick and easy to use. The colour seems to cling to the nail really well, unlike some which are all over the shop.

The Top Coat: I’ve paired Pomegrante with the Renunail 3D Top Coat, one of the most Seche Vite-like formulas I’ve tried (except this one is good for your nails!). It’s similarly thick, smoothing and glossy - liking this a lot. I was disappointed with the original Dr Lewinn’s top coat, so skip it if you’re choosing one and go for the 3D. How long a mani lasts is like how long is a piece of string. It’s such an individual thing, affected by so many factors - from your nail condition to application methods and what you do with your hands - but this duo was above average for me. It lasted 3-4 days whereas I’d normally only get 2-3… I’m very hard on nail polish and wash my hands a million times a day.

Which one’s for you: If your nails are very thin, brittle and peeling, I’d recommend starting with the original Renunail. I’ve pictured my (now slightly skanky) bottle next to the colour above to show how big it is - the 30ml bottle is literally double the size of most nail polishes. I’m telling you this because it isn’t cheap, but believe me, it’s worth every penny. It also comes in a Sensitive formula, which is smaller, cheaper and also good, but this one is more powerful and effective. You can read how it all works at

If your nails are in ok shape and you want to keep them that way, the colour formula and 3D top coat are a great way to maintain them. Certainly not essential but I really enjoy using them and am very happy with the results.

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