Dr LeWinn’s Renunail Nail Strengthener: Rave Review

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This is the second bottle of Dr LeWinn’s Renunail Nail Strengthener that I’ve purchased.  I’ve tried others, but for really powerful, rapid results Dr LeWinn’s is a winner.

My nails had become soft and brittle over the past few months and I was fed up with them, especially when posting nail pics on my blog - I felt I wasn’t doing the polishes justice - it was time to call in the heavies!


The reason I hadn’t purchased earlier is because Renunail doesn’t come cheap, but there are valid reasons for that.  Firstly, it’s twice the size of a normal bottle of strengthener or polish at 30ml/1 fl oz. Secondly, it works quicker and more effectively than anything else I’ve tried. It literally makes my nails hard as nails - and has done the same for so many friends that I recommended it to.  It’s a very runny formula, so only a little is needed, meaning the bottle does last me a long time.

“This calcium enriched award wining treatment product is the ultimate hero in the Dr LeWinn’s line.  Promising longer strong nails in just 4 weeks this nail strengthening complex is perfect for weak, brittle, slow growing and prone to chipping nails as an intensive SOS treatment.”

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I’ve been applying it once or twice a day for a couple of weeks and as you can hopefully see, my nails are now strong, healthy and for me - quite long - or as long as I like to go really.

The recommended programme of use is:

  • 2 coats daily for 5 days
  • remove on day 7
  • repeat process x 3 for 25 days in total
  • give nails a rest for 1-2 wks

While I have given my nails a break from polish the past week, I generally don’t stick to any kind of regime - I just apply Renunail when I remember, use it as a base coat for polish and sometimes apply it over polish.

It does contain Formaldehyde, which I know will put some of you off - and it’s advised to avoid cuticles during application (I have done so by accident & it just stung slightly - no biggy). 

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Normally priced at £17.50 at drlewinns.co.uk, I was lucky to pick it up at my local Sainsbury’s where the range was on offer for around £11 a couple of weeks ago.  I also got the top coat, which seems pretty good too - I’ll include it in an overview of my favourite top coats coming soon.

I also rate Nailtiques Formula 2, which I reviewed here - it works well if you’re not in so much of a hurry - and doesn’t make nails quite so hard. I wasn’t impressed by OPI Nail Envy, which did very little for my nails, though I’ve heard others rave about it.

If you’ve tried any other products by Dr LeWinn’s I’d love to know what you think of them… please do leave a comment below.

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