Nailtiques Formula 2 & Orly Cuticle Oil+ ~ Nail Rescue Mission


My nails were in serious need of some lovin’. They had become dry, thin and peeling and the cuticles were raggedy and untidy looking. Nice.

On spotting my tweets of woe, a kind PR lady swooped to the rescue with Nailtiques Formula 2 and Orly Cuticle Oil+ which I have been using consistently ever since – and thought I’d share the results.

Here comes the embarrassing bit…



It gets worse…


And worse…


Ewww… my ugly split nail, which had been split for more than a year. Grosstastic huh?!

The Solution….

Step One: Nailtiques Protein Formula 2

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Formula 2 is a paint-on protein formula to treat ‘soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails’. It applies as a clear polish, bonding and strengthening the nail layers.

“The salon-tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolysed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium to build a healthy nail foundation. The protein immediately acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling…  resulting in long, strong and healthy nails.”

Usage - For a couple of months I have applied Nailtiques Formula 2 daily (when I remember – ie at least several times a week!). I love that this can be worn alone or under nailpolish, but most of all I love how quickly it dries… this makes it so quick and easy to use and a perfect basecoat for polish. By the time I’d painted both hands, the first hand was ready for a coat of polish. The formula is also quite thin, which is great as I hate the feeling of lots of thick layers on my nails.

Results - It took a little longer than I expected for my nails to feel really strong again. I’d say 3-4 weeks, although if I’d been more diligent about daily application it may well have been less. I know that’s not actually a long time, but I’ve used other formulas that worked quicker; however the long term effects of Nailtiques have been preferable. My nails feel strong, but there is still some flexibility; they don’t feel thick and hard, just like a strong, natural nail. I’m genuinely impressed and plan to switch to Nailtiques Formula 1 to maintain my new healthy nails.

Step Two: Orly Cuticle Oil+

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This was the second step in conditioning my nail area. My cuticles had never recovered after being snipped off in a manicure about 18mths ago (no kidding) I didn’t even want them snipped off.  It was my first ever mani (yes really!!) and I didn’t know this was part of the process!  My cuticles have always been  unobtrusive and would have happily been left alone (plus the manicurist snipped my skin and made me bleed while she was at it!) Nice. So, for the first time I had cuticle issues.

‘Cuticle Oil+ professional-preferred nail & cuticle conditioner is formulated with orange blossom and wild cherry extracts to moisturise, heal and refresh problem cuticles. This nutriment formula ensures longer, stronger nails.’

This is the bottle after a couple of month’s use, so you can see how little is required!  Literally one teeny drop at the base of each nail is more than enough, in fact it’s quite difficult to use a small enough amount. I massage it into the cuticle, nail and surrounding area, then leave it to soak in. If I’m in a rush, I keep massaging it in until there’s just a fine sheen. It’s a little messy as you can imagine, so I tend to keep it by my bed and apply each night before I go to sleep, allowing it to soak in.

Soooo… fast forward a couple of months, following the above routine – and voila!





Note former ugly split forefinger nail, finally healed!  Now I have tried EVERYTHING to try and restore this nail: little bits of teabag stuck on with clear polish, nail glue, plasters, erm – well that’s it really! But it’s been vertically split for 18months, so this is one serious result!


Now my nails are not yet perfect – as you can see the edges look a little scratched/ worn, which is actually my fault. This has happened because I’ve just had a nail bitingly stressful week  and while I don’t actually bite my nails, I do have a shameful habit of chewing at them. Awful I know, but that’s why they’re a bit battered again - and yes I’m gutted I didn’t take these pics a week earllier – but still, a massive improvement on the original I’m sure you’ll agree!

Orly Cuticle Oil+ costs £11.30 with free delivery from Feel Unique

Nailtiques Formula 2 costs £9.95, 7ml or £15.50, 15ml (free del) from Beauty Bay

Have you tried Nailtiques Formula 2 or Orly Cuticle Oil+ ?

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