Take 3: Self Tan for Light, Pale Skin


If you associate self tan with a patchy, orange, unflattering mess, then I’ll let you into a secret…. you are looking at examples of poor application - and possibly poor quality product.  So where are all the examples of natural looking, well applied self tan?  Exactly… when it’s done right, you can’t tell - because it looks so natural!

Regular readers will know how much I love self tan and am of the firm belief that there is a perfect formula for everyone who wants one - I do realise that not everyone wants to be a different shade than their natural skin tone.  Before going out this weekend, tanning was the last thing I felt like doing, but after a shopping spree in unflattering changing room light (why do you do this retailers? It does not encourage us to spend money!) I knew it had to happen.  Several hours later and a few shades of golden deeper, I felt human again… I’m not blessed with naturally creamy, golden or honey skin (I wish I was), so I look - and more importantly feel - much more confident with a faux glow.

I thought it would be helpful to talk you through some of my favourite self tanning products - and as I opt for different shades for different occasions or seasons, I’m dividing this mini-series into my choices for light, medium and dark tanning.  I use light in winter or early Spring/Summer, when I wouldn’t naturally be dark and don’t want to look ridiculous!  I’ll opt for medium when exposing that first Summer skin or on Winter holidays, and dark when I expose more skin (ie get my legs out!), go out for the evening or on holiday.

Today I’m talking tanning light or pale skins, with three tried and tested options.


Karora Gradual Bronzing Moisturiser SPF15, £11.99 link - Karora is a natural, organic tanning brand which is great for sensitive skins and is one of the few brands I’m comfortable using on my face as well as body.  This product is a rich, non-tinted creamy moisturiser which I massage well into skin and a few hours later, am a lovely light golden colour.  The scent as it develops is barely detectable to my nose and I find it nourishing on my skin, thanks to Jojoba, Vitamin E and Argan Oil.  This is a real favourite that I keep coming back to - see my before & after pics in this post.

Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan, £15.95 link - another gradual formula which gives slightly deeper colour than the Karora, so if you’ve tanned before and aren’t nervous about it, give this one a go for a really natural looking light tan and not an orange streak in sight!  The colour is buildable so you could apply several days in a row if you wish and the pump bottle is great for easy application.  The paraben and alcohol-free formula won’t dry out your skin, in fact sweet almond oil will moisturise it - and it smells of Summer…. coconut and vanilla! 

White to Brown Tanning Mist, £15.99 link - while I love the idea of tanning mists for easy application, one thing I’ve found is that they do need to be blended in - so don’t just mist and go!  Oh and remember to put an old towel on the floor before you start or tan in the shower!  I found White to Brown very easy to use and it does give a light golden tan that works well on pale skins.  Just take care not to spray the same area twice - it’s easy to get some on your leg while spraying an arm, so this probably isn’t the best option for first timers - but the results are good!

Watch this space for my recommendations for Medium and Dark self tans!

Are you a lover of the Faux Glow? Which is your favourite formula?

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