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Bloglovin’ has always been my favourite place to read blogs in a stylish, magazine format that allows me to skim through posts or click for the full story.  I tend to visit a few times a week for a big catch ups with my subscriptions, which I’ve divided into Must Reads, Beauty, Fashion etc for easy navigation.  With Google Reader closing tomorrow, I’ve been moving all my subscriptions across to Bloglovin’ and I’d love you to follow me there, especially if you’re a previous Google Reader reader! 

Here is a link to Strawberry Blonde Beauty on Bloglovin’ - it would make my day if you follow me there!  Click here for a simple way to import all your blog subscriptions from Google Reader to Bloglovin’. 



I’m loving Instagram even more than Twitter recently and when I’m short on time to blog you’ll usually find me posting updates on my day, hauls, products I’m testing or make-up looks.

Instagram link: @StrawbryBlonde




I’ve had a blog page on Facebook for around six months now - it’s a handy place to keep up with posts, updates and random musings if you don’t fancy subscribing directly.

Facebook link: Strawberry Blonde




I tweet way too much, or I used to - I just don’t have as much time any more but do try!  It’s a great place to get to know other bloggers and brands and the support I’ve received there has been amazing, plus it’s great fun!

Twitter link: @Strawbry_Blonde

You can also subscribe to my blog by good old fashioned email by clicking in the subscription box on my right hand menu.

The most important thing for me is that I don’t lose touch with a single one of you, so I do hope you’ll stay in touch wherever you choose to hang out!

Much love and thank you for reading, Nic xx

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