Herra Hair Perfume

A product that protects and nourishes hair, makes it smell incredible and won't interfere with your regular perfume. The  height of luxury?  For some, yes, but for those who can't wear perfume due to skin sensitivities, an absolute godsend!  I can think of at least one friend who says perfumes react oddly with her skin and smell 'off' - she will love this!

The obvious question is why not spray regular perfume in your hair, which of course you can, except most contain alcohol and will dry out your hair. Herra contains natural UV filters, antioxidants, vitamin E and Oleic acid to protect the scalp.

As well as fragrancing the hair, Herra protects against sun damage, pollution and central heating, adds moisture and doesn't weigh hair down. So what does it smell like?

Italian Bergamot and jasmine in a musky vanilla and sandalwood base mean this ticks a lot of boxes I look for in a regular perfume.  Admittedly, if it didn't smell so divine, I just wouldn't bother, but it seriously does - and frankly, I can't get enough. 

Now I just need to find out if it's ok to spritz all over!

Herra Hair Perfume rrp £24.95*     herra.com
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