Neom Harmonise Diffuser

I had a pretty hectic time in the run up to Easter when I felt a bit like I was running on empty... boy did I feel the need for some harmony and clear thinking, so yes - I did almost kiss the postie the day he showed up with Neom's new diffuser in Harmonise.

Fragranced with  essential oils of Pine, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus,  it is not to be confused with fusty pine scents that lingered around your granny's house.  Imagine cutting into a juicy lemon in the middle of an Italian forest and you'll be closer to the mark! 

You know the feeling when you come out of a stuffy building and inhale clean, fresh air?  That's how this scent makes me feel.  Not overly powerful, I get the best sense of it when placed at head height or on my desk.  Fresh, uplifting and (apparently) balancing... every little helps!
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