Top 5 Natural Skincare products

My love of natural products is well documented on these pages and most of these 5 are in my current daily routine...

Melvita Eye Make-up Remover is 99% natural and incredibly gentle, yet effective enough to remove even waterproof mascara.  Made with chamomile, lotus water and aloe vera, it doesn't irritate my uber sensitive eyes and although slightly oily, doesn't leave a heavy residue. 

Organic Surge fesh ocean light body lotion: I don't always have time to massage in ultra rich body butters and want something that can be skimmed all over quickly before dressing.  
This little beauty sinks in fast, smells like fresh lemons and moisturises well.  I can't ask for more than that!

Neilsen Massey Finest Quality Vanilla Extract: A few drops of this added to a blend of olive oil and soft brown sugar makes a naturally exfoliating scrub that smells as divine as it feels!

Caudalie Cleansing Water: I love Bioderma as much as the next person, but Caudalie's micellar water beats it hands down when it comes to that delicious natural grape fragrance - and there's little if anything between them when it come to cleansing abilities. 

eos hand lotion with cucumber is another gorgeously fragranced, paraben-free product enriched with natural moisturisers and a light, silky texture. If you love the lip balm, you'll adore this!  The packaging is teeny, but perfectly formed in a very tactile pebble shape that has not left my bag since I got it! 

Find Melvita & eos at (a fabulous recent discovery for a huge range of natural brands); Caudalie at & Organic Surge at

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