Hair Saviours: Bumble & Bumble Curl Cream, Ojon Revitalising Mist & Osis Refresh Dust


Few of us are lucky enough to have locks that fall naturally into place and look immaculate at all times.  For this to happen occasionally is a heroic hair moment for me! Here are a few hair saviours that come to my rescue when all else fails…

Lightweight Curls: Bumble & Bumble BB Curl Conscious Defining Crème

I find a lot of curly hair products coat my hair in sticky crispiness and make curls feel like a foreign entity... I can’t wash them out fast enough.  Curl Conscious is specially designed to give definition to fine curls, leaving them soft and silky minus the droop and it’s light silky formula does just this.  It’s not cheap but the bottle is huuuuge - and feels like I’ve barely made a dint in it after many uses.  It has a light fluid texture which I warm between my hands and comb through the lower half of hair with fingers, scrunching at the ends.

Defuzz & Define: Ojon Revitalising Mist

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the Ojon website and googling reviews before this purchase and it paid off as it’s just perfect.  This is the original formula, once discontinued and brought back at the pleas of customers!  It contains a mix of Ojon oil and and other good stuff (technical terminology) that you shake up and spritz on the hair for hydration, detangling and smoothing. Personally I use it to remove that infuriating layer of fuzz, give some definition and a little shine - and the smell is just delicious!  It’s an everyday fix that just makes my hair look better and feel nice and soft with no stickiness.

Oomph: Osis Refresh Dust

The best dry shampoo ever… I’ve reviewed this in the past and still love it. It works in a similar way to any spray on dry shampoo, minus the chalkiness, residue and icky coating. It sprays in a super fine mist and gives great volume and hold, which is what I generally use it for… great for adding some oomph to up dos and big hair.  It’s actually what I wanted Osis Dust It to be… I know lots of people love this but it didn’t work for me. Unfortunately it runs out fast and doesn’t come cheap, so I save it for special occasions, but will never be without it!  Please Osis bring this out in giant size - 100ml doesn’t last long! If you want to see results with pics, I’ve raved about this before here.

Do you have any ‘hair saviours’ - and do any of mine appeal?


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