Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Sticks: Honey Pie, Berry Pretty & Beach Bum


I’m loving these Lip Gloss Sticks by Pur Minerals for a wearable, everyday colour glaze that leaves lips feeling moisturised without a hint of sticky gloop!  Perfect for this time of year, these help my lips look polished and healthy but not overly made up and the colours are gorgeous… read on for lip swatches of Honey Pie, Berry Pretty and Beach Bum!



I like the pointed shape of these for perfect application - just twist the silver base to access more product (no need to purchase a giant sharpener!).  Firm in texture - I’d say half way between a crayon and a lipstick - they feel quite sturdy to me and I wouldn’t be too worried about breakage or melting in the heat.  Enriched with Vitamin E, they leave my lips feeling really soft and comfortable, with a finish more akin to a moisturising lipstick than a lipgloss.  Think shine rather than gloss... gloopy, sticky hair magnets they are not.



Above, the thin lines are a single pass of colour and the thicker ones, heavier swatches in the same order.

Honey Pie is a brown toned, natural looking nude and very much my kind of colour. Less brick toned than it appears here.

Berry Pretty is deeper than pink but softer than plum and the shade I’ve been reaching for the most.

Beach Bum is a lovely orangey red (or reddy orange!)… the more you apply the more orange toned it looks. I like this and think it will be very popular, but the other two are more ‘me’. This is a good choice for those afraid of a bright lip, but who want to take baby steps towards colour - and will look great with a tan.

Pur-Minerals-Lip-Gloss-Stick-Honey-Pie-lipgloss-swatch-pic Pur-Minerals-Lip-Gloss-Stick-Berry-Pretty-lipgloss-swatch-pic Pur-Minerals-Lip-Gloss-Stick-Beach-Babe-lipgloss-swatch-pic

All of the colours are very buildable.  I used a medium application for these lip swatches… this is how I would wear them, but a single pass of colour will give a much more subtle effect and more can be added for a brighter pop of colour.  I think this kind of defeats the purpose though… if you want lots of colour, choose a more pigmented formula or opt for lipstick!  The moisturising element means these aren’t particularly long lasting - longer than a regular lipgloss; shorter than a lipstick - but since they’re as easy (& comfortable) to apply as a lip balm, I don’t think that’s a huge issue.

I’ll be wearing these a lot over Spring and Summer… if you fancy trying them, Pur Minerals products are available in the UK at M&S here. If you’re quick, the Go Nude Eye & Cheek palette (rrp £20) is free with any two Pur Minerals purchases until 10 April 2013 - full details and code online.

Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Sticks* cost £16 each at M&S.

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