OSIS Refresh Dust Dry Shampoo Review


Osis Refresh Dust by Schwarzkopf Professional is a spray on dry shampoo which adds body, texture, light hold and a gorgeous fresh smell to your hair.


For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of dry shampoo, it’s a powder based product which absorbs excess oil and is generally used to help your hair last another day without washing or to provide that mattified second day lived in look.


Refresh Dust also volumises the hair, which I hadn’t expected at all.


When first sprayed, it looks like a clear liquid.


This dries in about 30 seconds as a fine layer of white powder.


Its chalky finish spreads easily with the fingers and apparently leaves an invisible finish. I’m not sure how much of it is absorbed into the hair or how the white powder works on dark hair, but it was fine on mine and didn’t leave any chalkiness.

I did a little experiment…

Basically I let my hair get really minging.  I didn’t wash it for 4 days – a long time in my book!  I took a before pic, but honestly, it’s so gross I’m loathe to share it, more out of consideration for my readers than vanity, truly. So you’ll have to take my word for it – think Grease Lightning.


Refresh Dust should be shaken vigorously before use, then applied in short bursts around 20cm from your hair.  I basically put my head upside down and spritzed mostly around the roots, then pulled it up into a ponytail with my hands (no brush).


Now I know it’s nothing fancy, but trust me, it’s awesome compared to how it looked before!  Apologies for the pic quality – I cropped it to bits to hide as much of the flash as possible.

Then I tried it on a normal day…

Second day hair that had been dried naturally but was a bit icky at the roots as I’d used a deep conditioner.


I spritzed the roots with Refresh Dust, then forked it through my hair with my fingers. No back combing, brushing or styling and no other products were used.


I have quite a lot of hair anyway, but it doesn’t normally look as full as this without styling – I was really impressed!  It dropped a bit later, but not much – and it still had more volume than before application.

Will I be buying more of this when it runs out? 100% yes!  
I can see me getting through it much quicker than someone with shorter or finer hair, in fact the bottle is feeling a lot lighter after just 3 or 4 uses, but I’m loving it. In terms of adding volume, I imagine it would work even better on someone with less hair.

Osis Refresh Dust costs around £9.25 for 100ml.

I have used and loved Osis hair products for years, so was really pleased to be sent some for review and discover that Osis hasn’t let me down.  I’ve raved about them to anyone who will listen forever - the ones I’ve tried before and rate include:
  • Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum (repurchased several times)
  • Sparkler Shine Spray (nice for lightweight shine)
  • Flatliner Iron Serum Spray (strangely works wonders on curls!)
  • Dust It Mattifying Powder (Cult item but i think I’ve too much hair for it!)
Have you tried Refresh Dust or do you fancy giving it a go? I’m hooked!
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