Top Trio: HealGel Face, Clinique Repairwear Eye & Darphin Rose Aromatic Care

I’ve a number of skincare posts to catch up on, but of the various products I’ve tested in recent months, this little trio of skincare treasures really stood out…

HealGel Face
I was so touched when the founder of this little gem contacted me after reading my review of the original formula here… an absolute lady with commendable ethics and integrity regarding her products. HealGel is created and perfected by a team of world class plastic surgeons and skin specialists.  It’s designed to have a real, tangible effect on your skin - and it does.
I have complete confidence in this brand, which doesn’t happen often - the knowledge, expertise and organic approach behind it made me really trust it. Maybe that sounds mad, but although wonderful to test a lot of skincare products, it’s sometimes a bit daunting - this is my face after all - so to feel completely safe doing so is a huge plus.
So onto the product… HealGel Face works on a number of levels: instantly to plump and perk up the skin and longer term to improve its look, texture and ‘performance’.  Think of all the good stuff you want on your skin to soothe, hydrate, strengthen and plump… Arnica, peptides, Omega Oils, hyaluronic acid - it’s all in there and more. This made my skin very happy… it looked clearer, brighter and those pesky little under surface bumps cleared up… I’d recommend trying this in a heartbeat. Before you gasp at the price, it does contain 50ml as opposed to the usual 30, so £48 is pretty fair - plus I found I only needed the smallest amount.  HealGel Eye is next on my wishlist and I look forward to seeing what this brand produces next! Available at Space NK

Darphin Rose Aromatic Care
Isn’t this little bottle sweet?  Darphin is a brand I’ve been curious about for years and never been quite sure where to begin with. They embraced the power of skin oils long before they became a trend - and perhaps it’s my new found love for this formula that encouraged me to give this a go.   Rose Aromatic Care hydrates and adds radiance through a blend of pure Rose and Bay Saint Thomas Essential Oils with Rosehip and Evening Primrose Oils.  And oh good lord the smell… I must admit the fragrance is a big part of the pleasure of using this product - and I think it’s meant to be.

“Warm 4 to five drops of elixir in the heart of your hand (and inhale). Lightly press around the neckline with flat hands, go up along the nose to the forehead, and downwards along the side of your neck. Repeat this 3 times.”     (I just massage it in - shhh!)

I keep it beside my bed and apply last thing at night… it feels and smells so heavenly - a real treat to use - and although the bottle is dinky, I can imagine it lasting forever as I need so little.  Although I have dry skin, I don’t feel like I need an additional moisturiser with this and wake up next morning with babysoft skin.  Find it here

Clinique-Repairwear-Laser-Eye Darphin-Rose-oil
Swatches top to bottom: Darphin, Clinique, HealGel

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus
I’ve been using this wrinkle correcting eye cream since its launch and have to admit it was love at first use. As you can see from the swatches above, this is a proper eye cream, with quite a rich, dense consistency that feels super soothing and moisturising on my skin. 

It contains the same patented technology as Clinique’s anti wrinkle serum, to smooth, plump and hydrate the eye area.  There is nothing more ageing than dryness around the eyes as it accentuates any crinkles, of which I have quite a few (eek)… the extra boost of moisture helps smooth their appearance, a welcome effect!  I’m really happy with this - £30 from Boots.
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