Littlewoods Beauty Wishlist

As you may have gathered from my recent M&S post, I do like to smuggle the odd beauty item into my trolley when I’m supposed to be shopping for pants, pillow cases or groceries.  It feels a bit like pretend shopping and somehow a beauty product in a trolley full of ‘sensible’ stuff feels like a justifiable expense!

I didn’t realise that Littlewoods had such a great beauty section until recently… my local one closed down years ago, but it’s still going strong elsewhere and of course online.  They sell some lovely brands including products I’ve been meaning to try for a while, including this six, hot of my wish list…

1.Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation - Porcelain2.Daniel Sandler DANIEL SANDLER SCULPT AND SLIM3.RimmelScandaleyes Shadow Stick - Bad Bronze
4.OPI Top Coat - The Man with the Golden Gun5.Nails IncSpring Summer 2013 Collection Nail Varnish6.French ConnectionBloom Voile Printed Dress

1. D Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation - this preceded Lancome’s latest foundation with concealer in the lid - it looks and sounds similar but works out cheaper.  I’ve heard good things and would like to give it a go.

2. Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim - I’m not a big sculptor or highlighter, but love the look of the darker shade as a zero-orange bronzer and the highlighter shade does look lovely for browbones.

3. Rimmel ScandalEyes - A Model Recommends used this in her recent Flawless Face tutorial, blended in with a brush for a softly smoky finish that looked so good.

4. OPI The Man with the Golden Gun - I’ve been coveting this gold leaf top coat for a gold-flecked finish that makes glitter look tacky. Not been able to justify the price, but want!

5. Nails Inc SS 2013 - the nicest SS collection I’ve seen yet… I’d wear them all for sure.

6. French Connection Bloom Voile printed dress - not quite beauty but definitely beautiful… and how lovely would it be with those Nails Inc polishes? And I’ve been looking for a vintage style dress just like this, though would ideally prefer it a couple of inches longer, it’s still gorgeous.

All of the above are available online at Littlewoods Ireland
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