Sheer Cover UK Mineral Make-up Introductory Kit: Swatches & Review

Sheer-Cover-Introductory-Kit-Light-Medium Sheer-Cover-Introductory-Kit-Light-Medium-contents

Much as I’ve always loved the idea of mineral make-up, I’ve been disappointed by those I’ve tried to date.  I’m also not a huge fan of powder based make-up of any kind, so on both counts, no-one is more surprised than me at how impressed I am by Sheer Cover!

Already huge in the US, Sheer Cover arrived the UK last month and has already made it into the kits of leading make-up artists and the hearts of humble bloggers such as moi!  The Introductory Kit is a brilliant way to try out a (very generous) selection of the products at a great price - and even better, it’s £10 off until tomorrow (18 March 2013)!


Prepare for pic overload… when products are so completely new it’s the best way I can convey how they look and perform. The kit arrives, in a pretty, ribbon tied chiffon bag encased in a sturdy box…. as far as I know, my kit contains the lightest foundation base shades… (edited to add my kit is MEDIUM; lighter shades are available) the concealer is definitely available individually in lighter tones that look suitable for porcelain skins. For reference, I’d describe my colouring as fair and my skin tends towards dryness - I can imagine these products performing even better on normal to oily or combination skins.

In the kit:

  • 2 x loose powder mineral foundations in different shades (Latte + Buff), for use separately in different seasons or blended for a customised shade (my kit is Medium) 
  • 1 x duo concealer in Light-Medium with one peach + one yellow-based shade
  • 1 x Base Perfector Primer
  • 1 x Brown/Black Mascara
  • 2 x Brushes - one foundation, one concealer
  • 1 x Sophisticate Palette - Eyeshadow Duo: Sable & White Peach, Eyeshadow Duo: Charcoal & Mauve, Lipgloss Duo: Caramel Ice & Ballerina and 1 x blush in Coral Ice.

Here’s a closer look…

Sheer-Cover-brushes Sheer-Cover-foundation-latte-buff-light-medium-duo-concealerSheer-Cover-Sophisticate-Palette Sheer-Cover-mascara-base-perfector-primer

The primer glides onto moisturised skin leaving a smooth base for the foundation, which isn’t like anything I’ve tried before… at the risk of sounding like a crazy woman, it almost feels alive! I think this is because of how much it changes as it warms, buffs in and then settles on the skin. Only a small amount is needed and Sheer Cover advise buffing from the outer edges of cheeks to avoid too much powder in the centre of the face.  I’m sure many of you are well used to this, but as a newbie it’s definitely been a learning process and works better each time I try it.  I didn’t expect much from the brush and opted to use my own the first couple of times, but actually had best results when using the accompanying brush as its loosely packed head doesn’t pick up too much product or disperse it all in one spot - it just glides over the skin. It’s not the softest I’ve ever tried, but it seems to work.

I love all 4 eyeshadows in the Sophisticate Palette - both light shades have a slight sheen and the matte darker tones work really well for a smoky eye or as liner.  The blush is a touch orange toned for my still-in-winter pallor and the gloss paler than I’d normally go for, but works over the shadow for a sheeny lid or on cheek or brow bones as a highlight. (Sorry that I haven’t swatched this palette - if you’d like me to, just leave a comment below and I will).

Foundation Swatches


I just included this before shot to give you an idea of coverage and finish - note the large freckles and how well they cover. I haven’t used much product above the level of the biggest freckle.


These swatches were applied with a brush (my own) as it was difficult to control finger swatches. Latte is more pink toned - and best suited to my skin. Buff is yellow-based and I’ll probably use it more coming into the Summer. A tiny amount of Buff mixed with Latte works well too.  I normally tend to go for light, slightly pink or neutral toned foundations.

Sheer-Cover-UK-foundation-swatches-latte-buff (2)

This pic was taken in the same lighting as above, but note how the colour has adapted slightly to my skin tone and the texture softened a little as the product settles on my skin. Dare I say it has an almost airbrushed effect, yet doesn’t look too dry or flat… ‘Sheer Cover’?  I don’t feel like I’m wearing make-up with this on my skin, yet besides needing a little extra concealer around my nose throughout the day (normal for me), its lasting power is just A-mazing! Basically it looks the same when I remove it as it did when applied. Maybe the primer helps with this - I’m not sure, but I’m impressed!

Duo Concealer

Sheer-Cover-UK-duo-concealer-swatch-light-medium 13-090 duo-concealer-swatch-light-medium-applied

Another rave… great tones that work well to cancel out shadows and redness and blend together to create a great shade for me.  Can be a touch drying around the eye if I over-apply, but conceals both shadows and blemishes well.  Note how it covers the freckles… could have been better had I not been fumbling left handed - and a fluffy brush would work better than the one with the kit.

So there you go, I’m sold… and did I mention there is £10 off this kit until tomorrow? So if you want to think about it, don’t think too long - you could get your paws on all of the above for £19.95 here!  (Some kits contain larger products and cost more).  I was sent this kit in Medium and although it works for me, I think Light would be even better… the Light Kit contains foundation shades Nude & Bisque; the Duo Concealer and other products seem to be the same.

I was going to include pics of the products applied, but as I’ve ranted on for too long already, I’ll save that post for tomorrow! If you can’t wait I did Instagram a pic last week here, but the new ones are much better!

EDIT: my post with pics of the products applied is now up… here!

What do you think… and have any of you tried Sheer Cover yet?

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