Pootles Papercraft: Blogging in Style


My lovely friend Sam of MakeupAdviceForum has started up a new online business called Pootles Papercraft, selling handcrafted paper products and stationary, including some pretty blogger accessories which she was kind enough to send me!


These gorgeous blogging jotters are beautifully made with lovely attention to detail and the perfect size for a handbag, back pocket or bedside table - wherever inspiration might hit! 

Pootles-Papercraft-review-notebooks (2) Pootles-Papercraft-blogger-notebooks

Another blogger duo which my little girl has swiped already - she has a Post-it obsession & these ones come with a pretty magnetised cover.


My 5 year old says he will practice his hand writing in this little astronaut notebook with matching eraser.  He loves to carry a mini book with him everywhere he goes, Sherlock stylee, so this is perfect and would make a great gift for all those birthday parties.


I’ve got to admit these little magnetised pegs are my absolute favourite - what a perfect way to clips bits & bobs I need to remember.

A huge thank you to Sam - each & every one of these is much loved & will be well used.  Check out the full range for yourself at Pootles Papercraft.

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