Top Shop Mercury Rising Bronze Glitter Nail Polish

Topshop-Mercury-Rising-Bronze-glitter-nail-polish-swatch Topshop-Mercury-Rising-Bronze-glitter-nail-polishTopshop-Mercury-Rising-Bronze-glitter-nail-polish Topshop-nail-polish-brush 

Me & Topshop’s Mercury Rising glitter nail polish are a little bit loved up at the moment. A mix of large hexagonal glitter pieces - mostly bronze and black in a clear base, with a sprinkling of turquoise and smaller pieces - it creates a stunning top coat.  In the shade, it looks like black speckles; in the light my nails look like little droplets of fire, especially over this bronze polish (M&S Limited Collection). 

It applies evenly and one coat provides a medium sprinkling; I’m wearing 3 coats over the blue and 2 over the bronze in these pics.  I wore this over the blue to a meeting today where the men gave my nails sideways glances and a raised brow while the girls cooed over them.

What do you think & what’s your favourite glitter top coat?

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