The Best Winter Hand Creams


When cold weather bites, my hands become inconsolably dry and require constant nourishing.  I tend to rotate a number of products simultaneously and store them in different spots according to the fragrance and how they perform. These are my current favourites…

Handbag: Dr Ceuticals Hand De-Age Cream - I’m very aware of the need to use SPF on my hands as they are one of the first parts of our body to show signs of ageing. Mine already are and have a few large freckles/mini age spots. I don’t want these to get any worse and consistent SPF is the only way to avoid them.  This also sinks in very quickly and leaves a lovely light clean scent and is of course beautifully moisturising… love it!

Deskside: Pai Skincare fragonia & sea buckthorn - I’ve raved about this one before here and love to keep it on my desk as it sinks in so quickly & without residue that I can apply and continue tapping on the keyboard immediately.

Bedside: Divine Natural Organic Hydrating Handcream with Patchouli, Petigrain & Geranium - do not be put off when you open this little jar of natural goodness - it’s pale grey in colour and looks a bit like wet cement due to complete lack of additives. Intensely moisturising, the scent and texture are sensational!  I always sleep with one hand on my pillow and find the completely natural fragrance super soothing as I drift off.

Kitchen: Estelle & Thild with Neroli & Bergamot - I like to have a very natural hand cream in the kitchen where I obviously wash my hands a lot during cooking. This has a gentle fragrance which doesn’t interfere with cooking or the taste of food, but keeps my hands nicely nourished.

Bathroom: Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream - I’m trying to get into the habit of moisturising every time I wash my hands, so this little number stays next to my sink for a dose of natural goodness.  I’ve used Weleda products for many years and am a huge fan - this one smells quite perfumed, but in a beautifully fresh way - and because it’s natural, it’s isn’t at all cloying. Plus the red tube is so bright and happy it makes me smile. :)

What’s your favourite hand cream?

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