UNII Magnetic Makeup Palette

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If you’re anything like me, you tend to go back to the same makeup products over and over again; you might shake it up every now and then, but the core basics remain. UNII has created a compact solution with this little palette, allowing you to store and transport your favourite products securely. Already hugely popular in the US, it’s now creating a storm in the UK.

Super user-friendly, it comes with clear instructions (inc how to de-pot products) and a magnetic strip that can be cut to size, stuck to the base of products & labelled. Your favourites will then adhere securely to its magnetic base and can be moved around or switched up as you wish. It even has a little flower shaped thumb grip, allowing you to hold it without damaging your products. Mine is black with a glitter finish and contains a large mirror.


This one is quite small, which suits me fine… I have enough space to contain a powder, 5 eyeshadows and 3 blushers; the core of my current no-makeup-makeup look!  Once I’ve applied foundation, everything else that goes on my face is in here.


I’ve labelled the items for the inquisitive among you ;) but will probably swap the Benefit powder for my Bo-ing concealer (still in my handbag since cocktails with the girls on Friday). There’s no reason why I couldn’t add a small eyeshadow brush & eyeliner in there, or swap a blusher for a lip product… it’s all totally customisable.  I’m loving eye and cheek shades that are close to skin colours at the moment… they work really well contrasted with a strong lip and these tones can easily be smoked up for evening.

Available in six pretty colours, the palettes cost £15.00, or less for multiple orders. Ideally, I’d love to have several colour coded palettes with different products, looks etc. You can see the full range and read reviews here.

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