Butter London Lips and Tips set in Shambolic: Review

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Butter London Lips & Tips is a collection of beautiful nail lacquer and matching lipgloss sets for Christmas/ Holiday 2012.   The sparkles dazzled me… I got a little snap happy & took 100 pics. And then I had to choose… so here we are at last & I hope you enjoy them!  The set I have is in the shade Shambolic, a gorgeously festive and on trend purple based glitter polish with a matching lipgloss that looks like blackened purple in the tube but is surprisingly wearable!

Shambolic Nail Lacquer

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (20)Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (22) Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review (2)

I have other purple glitters, but this one is complicated. It contains just about every shade of purple micro-glitter from lilac through to royal purple and aubergine, scattered with larger magenta, pink, turquoise & pewter hexagonal pieces. It’s pretty special. I tried it as a topcoat over lilac and black polishes, but it’s surprisingly opaque for a glitter and didn’t look as different as I’d anticipated.

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (19)

Above, in sunlight, you can pick out most of the colours I mentioned, particularly the fuchsia and turquoise.

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (12)

Typically of a glitter polish, it looks different depending on the light and angle, so I’ve tried to show several to give you an accurate idea of how it is.  Above it looks particularly dark, but you can still pick out the multi-coloured flecks.

(I’ve just had a reality check moment: omg I can’t believe I’m going into this much detail about a freaking nail polish, but hey… that’s why we’re here, right?)

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (15)

Here, with flash, it looks more like a royal purple… and you can catch the gorgeous magenta and blue flecks in the lippy.

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (14)

This shot shows the texture quite well.  I haven’t used a topcoat (though it looks lush with one) as I wanted to let you see the texture… it’s almost matte in parts and looks more textured than it feels. I quite like it… makes it a bit more edgy and less full on girly in my eyes.  It applies well and is surprisingly hardy, especially considering my lack of topcoat!

Shambolic Lippy

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (8) Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (9)

This is an absolute beauty and has become my new favourite. I expected it to look uber dark and almost gothic on the lips, but it really doesn’t.  That sounds silly as above, with flash, it looks quite bright, but in daylight appears almost black in the tube.

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (17)

I’ve tried to show a light (top) and heavy swatch above. It’s quite buildable on the lips for a deeper colour if you pat it on in layers, but difficult to capture in a large swatch.  As you can see it’s a clear plummy base with very fine (mostly) purple micro glitter.  The glitter is barely visible on the lips… it just adds sparkle, but a little does remain when the gloss wears off. 

I was shocked at the scent - it’s really vanilla sweet, not really my kind of thing, but I’m only aware of this during application and not while wearing it.

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (4)

Close up on the lips (slightly smudged, oops!).  No more or less longwearing than any other gloss, it’s a great option for those after a plum/berry lip but feel a bit timid about it looking too full on.

Butter_London_Shambolic_Lips_&_Tips_Review_Swatches (2)

And a quick self portrait on a full face as I dashed out to the House of Fraser Beauty event on Thursday evening (more on that soon!).  Look how pale & pathetic my brows are when I don’t have time to fill them in… am getting them HD’d for the first time next week!

The sets cost £21 at Powder Rooms or CutECOsmetics & would make a gorgeous gift!

Are you a glitter polish fanatic at this time of year?

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