MeMeMe Metallic Nail Collection

MeMeMe-Metallic-Nail-Varnish-Collection-set (2)

Metallic nails are big this season and this set by MeMeMe includes four super glam shades in deep red, black-gold, mauve and dark green.

MeMeMe-Metallic-Nail-Varnish-Collection-set MeMeMe-Metallic-Nail-Varnish-Collection

The collection comes in a cute little box, great for storage or a gift.  I was impressed with the quality of the polish, which is almost opaque in one coat.  I love wide brushes like these as I find they make application so much quicker and easier, plus the blunt end allows for an accurate finish.


Here’s how they look when applied - this is two coats and no topcoat - impressively glossy finish for metallic polishes!  I love all of the colours, but the green is my favourite - here’s a closer look…

MeMeMe-Metallic-Nail-Varnish-Collection-set-review-swatches (2)MeMeMe-Metallic-Nail-Varnish-Collection-set-review-swatches (3)MeMeMe-Metallic-Nail-Varnish-Collection-set-review-swatches (4)MeMeMe-Metallic-Nail-Varnish-Collection-set-review-swatches (5)

MeMeMe Metallic Nail Polish Collection* costs a very reasonable £14.99 at findmeagift - a perfect pressie as a set, or you could split it up and give one to different friends or use as stocking fillers.

If you kept just one shade for yourself, which would it be?

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