Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips: Clarins Odyssey Eyes & Burberry Nude Cashmere


Finding the right nude lipstick is a bit like trying to find the perfect red (or the perfect jeans!) - an absolute minefield.  I remember when there was so little choice it was exasperating… now it’s gone to the opposite extreme, which is fabulous, but sometimes difficult to know where to start! 

Burberry-Nude-Cashmere-Lipstick (3) 

I was on the hunt for a quiet, yet not invisible, nude lip to wear with a smokey eye - and Burberry Nude Cashmere No26 fitted the bill perfectly.  The texture is smooth and creamy with a delicate sheen… it feels very comfortable on my lips and wears evenly with pretty good lasting power.  And I just LOVE how the embossed bullet slots into its lid with a satisfying magnetic clink!

Burberry-Nude-Cashmere-Lipstick-swatch-review (2)

Nude Cashmere is the first Burberry lipstick I’ve tried - and has left me wanting for more.  The brand’s natural shade range is amazing right across the board; the beautiful new eyeshadow palettes are next on my wishlist.

Burberry-Nude-Cashmere-Lipstick-swatch Burberry-Nude-Cashmere-Lipstick-swatch-review

Nude Cashmere swatched with single and double pass - and on the lips.  This is the coolest (literally), beige-toned nude lipstick I’ve tried… I think it’s slightly cooler in real life than it appears on my lips here.  I do normally go for something a little warmer, so this is as light as I go - and I can only carry it off when combined with a flawless base and strong eye.


The Smokey Eye

Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (5) 

A while ago I created a natural look with Clarins Odyssey Palette (here) and said I’d be back with a stronger, evening eye look, incorporating the gorgeous gold shade, so here it is…

Clarins-Odyssey_Eye-Palette (4)           Clarins-Odyssey_Eye-Palette (6)

The pics above illustrate how well this palette can transform a look from day to evening, with the addition of the gold shadow and a little definition with the darkest brown. 

I used Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Espresso along my upper lashline - a gorgeously creamy liner which stays soft long enough to smudge it out, then stays put.  I went over this with the darkest brown, smoked it out towards the corners and blended a little into the crease. I then pressed on the gold using a dampened pointed applicator from the palette, pressing and rolling it onto the lid, focusing on the centre of the lid for an almost gold leaf effect.


I used Mac Power Surge on my waterline, the Odyssey mid brown eyeshadow on lower lashline and a little of the palest shade on my browbone.


Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips


So here is the final smokey eyed, nude lip look.  When I started this it was sunny with blue skies… but typically, the sky turned almost black minutes later.  Not an intentionally moody shot - I did have smiley ones but this one just caught the colours best given the low light! 

What do you think of this look? And what’s your holy grail nude lip? (I’m still looking for a slightly deeper mid brown toned everyday nude)

Check out the full range of Burberry lipsticks here… I really do think they have the perfect shade for everyone!

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