ncLA Nail Polish now in UK: Miss Sunset Strip & Call Me for the After Party


ncLA Nails is a US brand, now available in the UK and a hot favourite of celebs like Miley Cyrus & Jessie J. Paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, the brand produces glamorous catwalk inspired polishes and luxury nail wraps. 

‘All our nail lacquers are 100% free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and never tested on animals. Ever.’

I had planned to swatch these two shades separately until I realised how beautifully they go together… 

  • Miss Sunset Strip is a purple based glitter set in a clear jelly like base which suspends & distributes the particles evenly.
  • Call Me for the After Party is a sophisticated rich navy with a sapphire hue, metallic finish and the most gorgeous shine.

Call Me for the After Party

NCLA-Call-Me-for-the-After-Party-Nail-Polish-Varnish (2)NCLA-Call-Me-for-the-After-Party-Nail-Polish-Varnish

I wore this out last night with a black based outfit and loved admiring my nails as we nibbled on the most amazing seafood tapas at the Oyster Bar (above Mourne Seafood for any locals reading - love it!).  I like the sleek, squared off bottle shape and this polish applied super smoothly in two coats.


Today I pimped it up a bit, painting an accent finger with the gorgeous Miss Sunset Strip.  This includes a fine dusting of silver, hot pink and blue glitter, with larger pieces of royal purple & silver -  believe me, it’s SO much more dazzling in real life… the best quality glitter polish I’ve tried.

So of course I didn’t stop there… are you kidding?!

Miss Sunset Strip

NCLA-Miss-Sunset-Strip-nail-polish-swatch-review (3)

The clear base means this works beautifully as a glitter gradient… sometimes when a polish contains dense glitter, you get a thick layer rather than the lovely gradual build up that this creates. I finished with a layer of Seche Vite top coat for a smooth finish, but the polish is actually super shiny on its own.

NCLA-Miss-Sunset-Strip-purple- glitter-nail-polish-swatch-review NCLA-Miss-Sunset-Strip-nail-polish-swatch-review (2)

The flash highlights the galaxy of colours in the glitter (I’ve just noticed red and green in there too!) and the lovely sapphire blue when Call Me for the After Party catches the light.

NCLA-Call-Me-for-the-After-Party-Nail-Polish-Varnish (3)

One more peek… don’t even ask how many pics I binned - I’ve been at this all afternoon - a labour of love!  And excuse my dry cuticles after misplacing my Pai Cuticle Balm this week, now happily reunited (post here).

NCLA nail polishes* and wraps are now available at CutECOsmetics… and I’ll definitely be back for more. Without Me There’s No VIP (metallic plummy shade with fine shimmer) and Rock Solid (slate grey with a sprinkling of silver) are both calling me name, though to be honest I think it would be hard to go wrong. 

These are not cheap at £12.50 each and I’m the first to admit cheaper polishes are often great quality these days, but for a special treat I genuinely do think these are quite exceptional. The fact that they contain zero chemical nasties is of course a huge bonus and important to someone who changes colours as often as I do!

Do you care about wearing nail-friendly polishes - and do you like the look of these ones?

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