Denman Tutti Frutti Green Apple Hairbrush


I was drawn to Denman D3 Tutti Frutti brushes in a similar way as I’m drawn to lipbalms… cute, functional and smells nice.  They come in lots of fruity fragrances but the apple is nice and fresh. The smell is rather subtle, which is a good thing. I think it’s supposed to make my hair smell appley but really, my hairbrush just smells nice!

I have wavy frizz prone hair so don’t brush it out smooth very often and normally use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb if I do.  The bristles in this are a bit stiff for my hair as they smooth it so well that they catch a little bit and my hair is better suited to something that glides through it more easily. I think this would work best on medium to thick straight hair.  It won’t go to waste though… my little girl adores it!

I’ve discovered some other gems while price checking this on the Denman site… (it’s £7.31 and you can see the full Tutti Frutti range here.)

Extra Large Head Hugger Hot Curl BrushThis Head Hugger hot curl brush looks rather clever


DSQ5 - Jumbo Size Pink SquargonomicAs does the Jumbo Squargonomic (loving the names!)

70mm Ceramic Radial Brush And finally, the Pro Ceramic Radial Brush.


Does anyone else read these things and convince themselves they need them all?!?

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