Naked Body Products ~ Starflower & Coco de Mer

I’ve been meaning to try Naked products for ages as I’ve heard so many good things about them.  This reasonably priced range is 97% natural, smells divine without being overpowering and does its job while being kind to your skin.
“Made with lots of naturally derived ingredients
without sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals”
Soft Touch Naked Starflower Body Wash
Naked Starflower Body Wash is my favourite of the three products I was sent to try.  The smell is so delicate, it’s a pleasure to use and smells gorgeous in the shower (light & fruity fresh), but doesn’t linger too much. I like this as I want bodywash to make my skin smell good, but not be so overpowering that my perfume has to fight for attention!

Spoil Me Naked - Coco de Mer Bath Foam
Another gorgeously fragranced product, Coco de Mer Bath Foam smells warm and exotic - it reminds me of holidays with whafts of coconut and spice in warm evening air.  Perfect for a sunny day. Equally perfect for cheering up a grey day!

Naked for Kids Bananas & Custard 2 in 1 Shampoo
My little ones suffer from dry skin and their scalps are prone to little patches of eczema. I’m always on the lookout for products that are gentle enough and this one ticks all the boxes.  It’s SLS free, looks cute and smells of bananas & custard, which means it’s fun for my kids to get their hair washed. At the end of a long day, believe me - this is a godsend!
These products are all available from - links & prices below.
Starflower Body Wash £3.98
Coco de Mer Bath Foam £3.98
Bananas & Custard 2 in 1 Shampoo £2.99
Can you recommend any other Naked products that I should try?  Thanks for reading, Nic x
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