Monday Mani ~ MyFace Lil’ Bling Nail Chromes ~ Pastels Foiled

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (4)

If I’d seen Lil’ Bling nail polishes instore I’d have walked straight past them.  This is what I love about beauty blogging and reading beauty blogs.  It gets past the packaging, the airbrushed ads and even the bottles on the shelf in front of us, allowing us to discover what products are really like… the good, the bad & the ugly.  For the most part I devote my blogging time to the good (though I value reading those who highlight the bad) but anyway - I digress - as today, it’s all about the pretty!

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish

The names are simple but lovely.  Coming up with product names is the part of my (real) job I love the most… I think these ones are sweet and suit the polishes perfectly. Limelight, Tequila Sunrise and Pink Champagne are new to the collection.

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish (3)

I kind of apologise for the amount of pics I’ve included here. I promise to go easy on the words…

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (9)

The reason I would have walked past these beauties had I seen them instore is that at first glance (and, admittedly, first coat) they reminded me of 80s Pink Shimmer.  Anyone who can identify with that will understand.  Yet how wrong I was…

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish (5)

On the actual nail, several coats in (4 to be precise) they turn fingertips into little metallic rainbow drops, fitting right in with the SS pastel trend, but with a foil twist.  On the downside - brush strokes are visible (only reason 4 coats were required) but I didn’t apply a topcoat (which may have smoothed them) as it would spoil the lovely foil effect. The polish does dry very quickly, despite the layers, so I guess I forgive it…

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches

  • Tequila Sunrise (new) - a punchy tangerine and my least favourite of the five shades I was sent, though worn together it does make the others pop! I like it best worn under Diamonds & Pearls, which turns it into a pretty metallic peach
  • Limelight (new) - deeper than the usual mint toned pastel green, but soft enough to be very wearable. More leaf than lime
  • Pink Champagne (new) - my favourite polish of the set (named after my favourite drink!)
  • Caribbean Queen - this icy makes me think of water mermaids swim in (I’m very partial to a mermaid)
  • Diamonds & Pearls - a pearlised silvery white, much prettier than expected and great alone or layer under the other shades to make them pop or over to make them more pastel.

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish (6) MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (8)MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (7) MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish (7)

I’ve been staring at my hands all day. When I glimpse down the little shimmering flashes of colour remind me of the pretty foil wrapped mini Suchard eggs (I tried 3 shops to get some to include in these pics but everyone was sold out). Or the perfumed Bon Bons I loved as a little girl.

MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (2) MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (3)MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (6) MyFace Lil Bling Nail Polish Swatches (5)

Speaking of little girls, the tinkerbell watering can held the Easter Bunny’s gift to my daughter yesterday. It matched my nails so well I just had to include it in these pics!

I think MyFace Cosmetics have added another gem to their portfolio with this product.

Available from Boots at £5.99 each for 15ml - not all shades are online but can hopefully be found instore.

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