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A secret corner of me has always been a little sad that I never had the chance to wear a pretty tutu and pink satin ballet shoes with my hair tied in an elegant bun. Using skincare products designed to meet the demands of Royal Ballet dancers is as close as I’m likely to get!

‘Performance and Elegance’ is a range of body products designed by Berkley Square Cosmetics in an exclusive partnership with the Royal Ballet.  Not exclusively for dancers, the range aims to “ease demands that day-to-day stress and hectic modern lifestyles impose on everybody’s skin and muscle tissues.”

My demands include:

  • sore back and shoulders from spending too much time on the laptop, usually on the sofa (the shame)
  • aching everything back from swinging small children around the room (my own I hasten to add!)
  • sore legs from wearing stupidly high heels on nights out

If you’re nodding at this stage - or can replace the above with your own version, read on…


Soothing & Relaxing Bath & Shower Cream is a beautifully scented, rich body wash.  Despite best intentions I haven’t tried it in the bath (I rarely have time for baths) but it’s gorgeous in the shower.  It does feel rich, luxurious and moisturising on the skin and the fresh fragrance is very rejuvenating… surprisingly it doesn’t smell as girly as it looks and is really quite unisex.


Cooling Muscle Gel contains arnica, seaweed and mint.  In the past I’ve always used heat based muscle gels, so this was a new concept to me and worked surprisingly well. 


If you follow me on Twitter you might remember me posting about my aching hand a few weeks ago. It felt like a strained muscle or tendon and - hand on heart - the discomfort eased almost instantly when I applied this gel.  I was actually quite shocked (and of course pleased) at the effect.

“High performance Cooling Muscle Gel uses natural menthol, seaweed extract and
Aloe Vera to soothe tired and weary bodies. The bath & shower cream… includes key ingredients Vitamin E and Arnica to further aid the body’s respite and repair.”


As you can see here it’s a clear gel with a silkiness running through it. The mint fragrance is revitalising and the gel feels cool and soothing on tired, aching muscles.  It absorbs into the skin quickly and easily with a subtle tinglyness.  I love it applied straight after the shower gel, but it’s also gorgeous after an hour too long spent traipsing around the shops (Christmas shopping anyone?).

Soothing & Relaxing Bath & Shower Cream 150ml £12.00
Cooling Muscle Gel 75ml £13.00

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Are ‘Performance & Elegance’ calling out to your aching muscles - or do we have any ‘actual’ ballerinas among us?!


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