Dior Vernis ~ Exquis #611 ~ Holiday 2011 Les Rouges Or


Exquis is one of the Dior Vernis Holiday 2011 ‘Les Rouges Or’ Collection - and couldn’t be more aptly named in my opinion.  Dior nail polish holds a special place in my heart as I wore it on my wedding day (& still have the bottle to prove it, 6 yrs on!).  It’s the only Dior polish I’ve ever owned, so I didn’t need to be asked twice if I’d like to try this one. It’s even good for your nails…

“The formula is enriched with silicon and proteins to treat and beautify nails by reinforcing the keratin, making the nails stronger and harder with each application. Meanwhile, the glossy coat acts as a shield against external damage, for nails that grow more beautiful with each passing day even when they are not polished.”


Isn’t is beautiful? I’m not sure this post needs many words to be honest, but no doubt I’ll find a few.  Taupe with a cool shimmering gold running through it is how it looks in the bottle, and on the nails, sometimes.  This polish has a personality of its own and I love how it switches moods according to the light and time of day.


Most often it’s a dark mushroom-taupe - above left. Moments later, it has a khaki green tinge - above right.


In the shade it looks different again, still glossy, still a hint of shimmer, but more dark and moody; a steel, mushroom, taupe, chocolate, gold-tinged khaki.


The new wide cut, graduated brush makes application a dream. Pressed slightly firmly so that the hairs splay out, one stroke almost covers the entire nail (except for my thumb).

“For a quicker, smudge-free, more precise "haute couture" application, Dior has reinvented the brush. Its wider, rounded cut ideally matches the shape of the nail so that varnish can be applied flawlessly, leaving nails looking like they came straight from the manicurist.”

Don’t know about the latter in my case, but the thick and creamy Vernis applies smoothly and is almost opaque in one coat. I used two for these pics and no top coat - and as you can see, it’s very glossy all on its own.  Normally I’d apply a topcoat anyway for a perfect finish and to help it last longer.  I am very hard on nail polish (two small children help with that) but wore Exquis throughout the past week and it did wear well on me around 4 days with no chips or tip wear, which is a miracle in my book!


The oh so glamorous silver lid comes off to reveal an easy grip cap. Not the prettiest and may be even easier to grip if a little bigger, but this wasn’t an issue for me.


The pearlescent shimmer plays beautifully in the light and is completely smooth.  Colours for the Dior Vernis now have an extra glossy sheen: “Its new formula includes a cocktail of active ingredients to amplify brightness and shine, aligning the pigments and pearlescent elements in the same direction to reflect every glint of light.”

RRP £17

Do you like? Have you tried Exquis or any other shades from Dior’s Holiday 2011 Collection?


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