Sleek Berry Christmas Collection


It’s that time of year when a girl feels a sudden urge for a berry lip.  I have yet to explore the many options available, which knowing me will take some time & involve much swatching of hands!  I did, however just receive an email with details of a berry bargainous little kit from Sleek’s Christmas Collection - containing a berry lip (Cranberry), cheek (Fenberry) and kohl pencil (Mossberry). 

I’m not sure that a berry eye would be flattering on many people, but do think this blush would give a lovely just-walked-through-a-snowy-forest flushed glow to most skin tones - and the lipstick looks like a pretty shade. Best of all, this little set will cost just £9.99 for the lot!  It’s available for a limited from 23 November  time - or at Cloud10Beauty from 25 November.

I’ve been impressed with Sleek eyeshadows, but not tried their blush or lipstick - if you have I’d love to know what you think of the formula (these ones are matt).

Or if you’ve already discovered the perfect berry lipstick, please share your secret!

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