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Stella McCartney’s iconic Stella perfume plays dress ups with these dinky little limited edition bottles containing the original fragrance. Three bottle designs are dressed in a print from the designer’s Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk collection. 
I just love the vintage look and feel of them… oh and how they match my cushions so well.
‘The vintage botanical print features bold multicoloured blooms in a modern interpretation of a classic design. The colourful, dreamy prints perfectly match the story of the rose that is told when the Stella fragrance touches the skin; a tale of fragility and beauty in a cascade of floral and ambery notes.’
Side on, the faceted bottle design is reminiscent of the original, with transparent purple glass fading out towards the base. I love that I can see the perfume inside as well as the beautiful exterior design. Sorry I should really stop being so distracted by the prettiness and tell you what the contents smell like… which is not what I’d expected at all. Am I the only person on the planet never to have smelt this perfume?
‘A fresh rose essence that is both timeless and the epitome of modernity.’
This eau de parfum has a lot more power than its delicacy suggests…
Top Notes: Rose Essence, Peony, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose Absolute
Base Notes: Wood Notes, Amber
The strongest notes for me are the rose and peony in a much sweeter fragrance than I’d normally lean towards.  The mandarin, woods and Amber are more up my street – and while I’m left with more of the latter after an hour or so the rose remains distinct.  It lasts well on my skin and I get little wafts of the various notes as I go about my day. 
I’d sum this up as a sweet, vintage style fragrance with a distinct air of femininity.

This pic illustrates how dinky the bottle is… I like small bottles of perfume a. because I get bored of perfume quickly and this gives me an excuse to try another and b. they fit neatly in my handbag!
The bottle contains 30ml and is priced at £35, which I think is pretty good value for a limited edition bottle of EDP.  This is one bottle I definitely won’t be binning when it’s empty! 
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Sample provided for review ~ opinions 100% genuine

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