Well Hello Konjac Wave Body Sponge

konjac white

In last month’s post about Konjac facial sponges I revealed that the company would soon launch a larger body sponge – and am so excited that these are now available I had to let you know straightaway!

I ordered mine within minutes of them going on sale to the public and thought I’d let my lovely readers know as so many of you adore the facial sponges. As you can see in the pic above, the sponge has large ridges or ‘waves’ to enable gentle exfoliation.

‘The 6 Wave Konjac Body Sponge is designed to gently exfoliate the body and soothe and cleanse all over! Gently exfoliating and sloughing off tired dead skin cells and helping reduce blemishes, ingrown hairs and generally keeping the skin in tip top condition. Your skin will feel smooth, and supple after use. No tightness or dryness.’

Just like the facial version, 6 Wave sponges are available in pure white Konjac or a variety of French Clays, depending on your skin type. The Red Clay (for dry & mature skin types) is winging its way to me and I will of course let you know how I get on with it!

 konjac red

One of the best things about these sponges is that they’re full of so much natural goodness there’s really no need to add body wash – and if you must, you’ll only need a teeny amount.

When fully hydrated the sponge measures approx 75 x 135 x 30 mm

Prices start at £8.79 – get yours at the Konjac Sponge Company website

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