Makeup - Where do you do yours?

As in, which part of your house? 

I bought this little console table second hand at Easter, with a view to restoring it.  I set my (small) makeup bag on it one day, which has now reproduced into this shameful sprawl… 

035 - Copy

It’s easy for me to apply my makeup in the hall, because there’s a large, well lit mirror and I’m generally trying to do it while rushing out the door, or in between cooking for small children!  Hardly welcoming, is it?


A closer look for nosey people like me who love to spy on other people’s makeup! 

[For anyone who actually wants to know what’s there… said makeup bag is back right. In front of it is a Daniel Sandler watercolour, Clarins self tan (sample box). Directly in front of that (piled up) are Urban Decay Naked Palette, Laura Mercier Colour Wardrobe, Estee Lauder blush/bronze trio, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. Front right is Osis Refresh Dust. Front left – tangle teezer, Clarins Skin Illusion, 2 perfumes, Laura Mercier loose powder and Creme Smooth foundation, and a bowl full of brushes and tonnes of other products (guessing you’re bored by now…)]

These are the basic products that I re-use on a regular basis (yes there is more).  Do you keep the products you use daily/regularly in one place – and the rest elsewhere? Or how do you work it?

034 - Copy

Today I found a product I’d bought a couple of weeks ago (Topshop eye pencil) and completely forgotten I had. Plus my brushes keep going awol. So enough is enough… I hereby pledge to reorganise my makeup and report back with the results.

You thought there’d be an after pic didn’t you?  Nope.  Any tips/links very welcome!

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