New Hair & FOTD

A few of you wanted to see my new do, so I'm being brave! ...
I hadn't had a haircut for 8 months. Shocking I know. One advantage of long wavy (ie messy) hair is that you can get away with irregular cuts, though I don't usually leave it just quite so long! 

I'd lost my hairdresser. She moved premises, rang to give me the new number, which I wrote on a tiny scrap of paper; children shrieking in the background, dinner on the boil... you get the picture. Number never seen again. So I was delighted to track her down after stumbling past the new premises. Her name is Sandra - talented, gorgeous, funny, based at Bill Harris Hairdressing & has cut my hair for 15years. 
Bill Harris Hairdressing, Hill St, Belfast
The salon is spacious, airy and stylish - a converted warehouse in a cobbled lane in Belfast's gorgeous Cathedral Quarter. A huge pile of glossies awaited me while I lounged on a huge leather sofa before my consultation. I almost fell asleep in the chair as a really sweet girl washed my hair and gave me a head massage... A-mazing! (her cappuccino skills weren't far behind).

I'd thought about getting a blunt fringe cut back in, but Sandra persuaded me to leave it a little longer. One cut, blowdry & gossip later, I left the salon a happy girl. The heavens opened immediately and I had to race back to the car through howling winds. Happens every time. (Please bear this in mind when you look at my pics, which of course I should have taken in the salon!)

New haircut, post rain & gales!
Swept over to the side a bit

Back view after I skimmed it with my daughter's Tangle Teezer brush!
My make up isn't terribly clear in these pics but I'll share it anyway:
Clarins Skin Illusion foundation - Honey (see review below)
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Bobbi Brown blush - Powder Pink
Urban Decay eyeshadow used as liner - Gunmetal
Maybelline One by One mascara - Black
Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick - Magnolia

My haircut cost £45 and prices may vary according to stylist.



  1. Wow your hair is soooo beautiful, cant believe i wasnt following your blog i could of sworn i was xx

  2. Wow here too :D! You are beautiful missis and your hair is fabulous!!! Yay for FOTD posts, keep them coming, nice to finally put a face to the blog :)!! xo

  3. You beauty you! Your hair is amazing .. Sigh whyyy did I cut mine...
    LOVE the back :swoon:

  4. Apols to all those whose comments disappeared after screwed up. And thank you - I did see them before they were deleted. Xx

  5. Commented over on Twitter...gorgeous! You're hair is so nice. Oh and also love the it a recent acquisition? x

  6. Thanks Zoe. It's 2 necklaces actually- a grey suede string with silver & enamel pendant on top of the silver beads, both from Warehouse in last 6m. X

  7. Wow! I love your hair and your makeup look!!
    Wonderful blog as well, just become a happy new follower here!

  8. Thank you Catanya that's so kind of you, I really appreciate it - off to see if you have a blog I can follow too!

  9. My you hair is so pretty! You've got the perfect wave going on. Rain always ends up ruining my new hair too ha-ha it's sods law!


  10. Oh thank you Sarah that is so sweet! Rain is the enemy of a good hair day! ;-) x

  11. Hair looks gorgeous honey x

  12. I love your hair! I can never get mine to grow that long, I'm jealous but in a good way. Just found your blog, it's lovely btw x jeanie

  13. Woww your hair is so beautiful!!! Nice blog honey <3 I'm a new follower...wud love a follow back from you :D

  14. Loving your hair!! It's stunning! I might make a trip to your hairdressers in the near future! I'm trying to grow mine out at the moment... It's taking it's time :( I waited 9 months to cut my hair... I told the guy to give me a trim... Got a good 3 inches taken off... I could have cried! I'm a new follower, Im steadily finding more of us from N.I! X

  15. Thanks for your lovely comments all!

    Nikki, you're the first NI beauty blogger I've come across! How gutting about your hair - has happened to me before. Would def rec Sandra she's great! x


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