Coral Crush - Nailed.

I spotted Rimmel's Coral Crush in my local chemist, tried it on one nail while queuing and thought nah. Got home, loved it, went back next day to purchase (story of my life!).

It's quite difficult to capture the gorgeous colour of this shade in a photograph as it changes so much in different lights. It's a bright shimmery coral with a very subtle hot pink undertone. I may try again in better lighting, but promised to tell you about it today and knew you'd all be waiting with baited breath! ;-)

(Apologies in advance as this is probably the worst manicure I've ever done on myself. Ah well I thought... I'll fix it up after with my fabulous Ruby & Millie nail fix pen. Nope - it's mysteriously disappeared. Just don't look too closely!)

Rimmel 60 Seconds Coral Crush

Sometimes the colour looks really quite sharp and almost tangerine - and others, it looks super soft and pretty - especially in natural light. I prefer the latter, but think it will look particularly good both ways with a tan.

Rimmel Coral Crush (409)

It's supposed to be a one coat polish, but one was still way too transparent for my liking, so I've done two. It looks really pretty with a top coat - I used Seche Vite last time - but it totally changes the finish from shimmery to glossy and I wanted to let you see it in its natural state.  There are 8ml in the bottle, so it's quite dinky as you can see.

So what do you think?  Will you be wearing coral on your nails this Summer and if so, which one?  I'm also planning to purchase Revlon's Tropical Temptation and have been advised to check out Lancome's Duos.

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  1. I just got this for my birthday ha-ha super love it! I love coral for summer wether it's nails or lipstick - perfect!


  2. I love to see reviews on brands that I can get in my local chemist (rural living how are ya!) ... So this is on my shopping list this weekend :)

  3. Yay hope you love it Shelley!

    Good taste Sarah! ;-)


  4. How funny I just eyed up this exact polish in Boots yday and really wanted to try it, big up for the coral! I love coral with a tan as just goes with everything and the colour of this one looks nice & bright. For a less bright option I really love Jessica in Juicy Melon, it's gorge, have you ever tried? xxx

  5. Love corals! I always use the bright red Rimmel 60 secs nail polish on my toes, it lasts forever! xx

  6. @UrbanMermaid - I've used Rimmel 60's Rouge Noir dupe (forget name!) on my toes - I was really impressed with how it lasted too!

    @iheartproducts - glad you like! I've never tried Jessica polishes but loving the sound of Juicy Melon - will def check it out! x

  7. Aw you will love Jessica polishes! I usually get mine online on Feel Unique, quite big selection! I used Jessica in a salon I worked in for a while & they're fab - so nice to apply, colours are true to what they look like & they're long lasting - fab all round :) Juicy Melon is gorge, I will twitpic you it asap! Loving your blog hun xxx


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