MAC Strange Potion

Every summer I search for the perfect coral lipstick/gloss and nailpolish. I don't suit sharp, citrusy corals (which I think look amazing on darker skintones), but love a soft pink-toned coral. This year, I got lucky!

I spotted a pretty gloss on a MAC girl this morning, tried it on and purchased straightaway (normally I have to try every option available). Rather bizarrely named, 'Strange Potion', it's a Limited Edition lipglass from MAC's Surf Baby Colour range and costs £13.50 (though I got it for slightly less as Debenhams currently has 10% off most beauty products).

MAC Lipglass, 'Strange Potion' (please excuse 'special' effects in pic!)

pic from

Described by MAC as: "Summer’s highest, most power-charged shine…shaded for the season", it comes in a cute, brightly coloured tube with a doe wand. 

Just applied, with flash
A really pretty, subtle but definite coral with a lovely sheen that catches the light, I can see this being my go-to gloss for the summer. Because summer is coming, right?

Half an hour later, no flash

It doesn't have amazing lasting power, though what gloss does?! I don't really expect a gloss to last more than an hour or so and am happy to reapply regularly. What's your perfect coral? I'm always open to new ideas.

MAC lipgloss is available here



  1. Now I want this too! Seriously though, it looks really nice on you and looks like a very wearable colour x

  2. It's such a cute color! It looks absolutely great on you.


  3. this really really suits your skin tone it looks beautiful xx

  4. This colour is gorgeous...I just did a overview of M.A.C Surf,Baby on my blog..I love the collection:)

  5. Looks lovely on you! Want some now too! MAC glosses are gorgeous xxx

  6. Damn it's lovely!! *frantically emptying out the piggy bank* :D

  7. That looks gorgeous on you! Very summery :D xo

  8. Thanks everyone glad you think it's a winner! This is my first mac gloss ever - I must be the last person on earth to try them! :)

    Hey iheartproducts *waves* you found me! Thanks for following! X

    Laura, excited to read your review now!

  9. Ohh I want this- yup it shall be mine, thanks for review - it's such a fab shade of coral x x

  10. That looks really lovely on you!x

  11. Thanks Stina & Jenny. Stina, I really think it would suit you too. x

  12. Love the coral - such a pretty look for Summer! Have you seen the new Lancome nail duos? One is called Aloha and it is amazing!

  13. OMG I think I'm in love lol Such a cute coral colour, must get it :p xxx

  14. UrbanMermaid, I bet it would look great on your colouring! :)

    Swish&ampPout - I haven't seen the Lancome polishes - will check them out now, thanks! x

  15. Might have to purchase if this is still in stock - would probably suit me I think

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